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It seems that when Google is developing two similar projects at the same time one of them is already sentenced to death. But it seems some other way with payment systems by Google being Android Pay and Google Wallet. While Android Pay is positioned as an easy way of retail payment with mobile devices, good old Google Wallet moves to another niche racing with PayPal.


It seems logical to concentrate on mobile technologies when it comes to retail shopping. You can rarely see someone with a laptop at a cash desk. But Google Wallet has come from the previous era and has been developed for other purposes. The new feature means even more redirection.


The newest update applies to the service as it is, not to separate apps or web pages. Now you will be able to send funds from your Google Wallet to anyone. Of course, there are geographical limitations: this feature is only available when the recipient has a valid US telephone number.
You need to use Android or iOS app to access this feature. It only takes an SMS that contains a secure link. The recipient will be redirected to a special secure page with a field to enter the debit card number and to receive the funds. Previously both sides would have to use Google Wallet for this kind of transaction, or, at least, use email.

this feature is only available when the recipient has a valid US telephone number.

This is not the only improvement in the service. Now you can connect your Google Wallet to more than one bank account. Security features are enriched by one-touch locking. Automatic suggestions of the recipient are now based on your phone book.

These updates are meant to reposition Google Wallet as a private P2P financial service. It makes transfers much easier even for those with no Google Wallet or PayPal at all (at least in receiving transfers). You don’t have to pay for transactions or create additional accounts. So Google Wallet of 2015 is becoming extremely good for craigslist deals, splitting bills and other private transactions.

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