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Have you ever wished to become invisible or magically appear in another place? If the answer is “Yes”, you definitely know what awkwardness and boredom are. All those endless meetings, conferences, and even dates made us believe in some great power or miracle, which should have saved us from the “tortures”. We’ve been always waiting for a “savior”, and we’ve finally got him! In fact, her, because it’s Chelsea Handler who is going to make us happier with her mobile app. If someone is not aware and doesn’t watch Netflix, she is a comedian, actress, and producer, who have worked together with the Yeti company to develop this application.
Gotta Go App Functionality Screenshots
The new Chelsea Handler: Gotta Go app offers an opportunity to arrange a plausible reason for your leaving. First, you’ll have to create a couple of “messages” with yelling for your help. It may be, for instance, “I’ve hurt my leg and can’t go. Will you pick me up and drive me to the hospital?”, or “Something is wrong with a cat. I don’t know what to do”, or “Somebody is behind the door! I’m scared!” What is more, there’re a couple of funny preloaded excuses you may check and customize, too. 

Also, the contact’s name and the time of receiving this runaway message will also be required, while the emojis will be just helpful for creating the visual embodiment of excuses (in order to work quickly). 

Though, how should it work out?
Exactly on time, your mobile phone will light up to notify you of a received message or an incoming call. In the latter case, after picking up a phone, you’ll hear a voice instruction about your future reaction and speech. Remember that a call makes the whole situation more urgent. Your next move is to apologize and say that you gotta go immediately. 
Excuse-Generator in Action
The Gotta Go app may be found on iTunes in free access for devices running iOS 8.2+. Its appearance for Android will depend on the response and popularity of the iOS version. Actually, it’s only an experiment at the moment, meaning that the project will live if only it is in demand. 

Your time is precious and you shouldn’t waste it on something or someone unpleasant. So, if you don’t want to bother your friends anytime the situation is getting out of your control, you can download and install the app on your iPhone. Especially, taking into account the fact, that the majority of similar apps on the App Store hasn’t got updates for months and even years. 

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  • DE
    David Eastenboro
    5 years ago
    It should be a very useful app. Just for example, you're in boring company, you need to politely slip away somehow. This app will definitely help. :-)
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  • I
    5 years ago
    It's really useful app for polite people. I often waste time on useless things because I haven't got the nerve to decline an unreasonable request. I need this app.
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