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Hip New Widgets For Your Android on Freepps Top Blog

If a thought about the difference between mobile widgets and icons has ever crossed your mind, most likely, you’ve already googled it and know the answer. If no, there is a simple differentiation: icons just launch the apps they represent, while widgets are placed on the homescreen to visualize some functional part of an app and to give some informative and controlling options. Besides, widgets give the users more opportunities for customization of their devices. 

Installing Widgets

Follow these four simple steps to add any widget you like to your Android smartphone's homescreen and save a lot of time by using it:

  • Tap on any free space on the homescreen and hold it for a couple of seconds.
  • Select the Widget tab, that is usually placed at the bottom of the screen.
  • Find a widget you need
  • Hold it and drag onto the homescreen.

That’s it! Mission accomplished!

New Widgets to Give a Try This Month

Usually, the most popular and used widgets are those representing a clock, a calendar, some music controls, current weather conditions, etc. However, sometimes you may stumble upon something interesting - handy-to-use or just fun. In case you like such stuff, you may give a look at the following newborn free widgets for your mobile device. 


Rumby Android Widget Settings

The Rumby widget may be used to create shopping lists, mostly. Though, it can also help keep on your screen some gift ideas or tasks to accomplish in the near future. You will be able to place on the homescreen as many separate lists as you wish, changing their size only. 

There are two displaying modes: one includes titles and notes while another allows you to add units, their price, and the total amount at the bottom of the list. Besides, users may also add some details to every unit, for example, “lactose-free” or “low fat” to products, or “do this today!!!” to tasks. 

Simple Note Widget

Simple Note Widget Adjustable Stickers

This widget is similar to the previous one in its functions; however, they are a bit different by the user interfaces. Simple Note Widget offers to add lots of colorful notes on your homescreen and write some important information on them. 

They are adjustable in size, color, and transparency. The widget is simple but stable and handy-to-use. Only one glance on your phone won’t let you forget about picking up clothes from a laundry or buying the last-minute presents for your friends before the holidays. 

Timetable Widget

Timetable Widget Settings Screenshots

Because of the fact that it’s not always convenient to carry your ordinary paper organizer with you, we offer you to pay your attention to the next widget in this list. It’s called “Timetable” and it allows to have a to-do list with time indicating just at your fingertips. You can set up to 8 positions and up to 4 columns for a one day. 

The widget will be especially useful for adults holding numerous meetings or students who should not get confused with all these rooms, subjects, class times, etc. It’s handy, because you’ll see all the information on the screen without the need to open any additional apps.

Cat Fact Widget

Cat Fact Widget Notification

You may be confused after reading the last widget’s name. Yes, it’s only about cats. Though, it only sounds weird, but do you know that cats often suffer from cancer or that pleasant sounds help them be distracted from visiting a vet? So, if you are a cat lover or you’re just curious about something new, you can install this Cat Fact Widget on your smartphone to get lots of thematic info. 

The main idea is that everyday you’ll get a notification with a short text about cats. What is more, you’ll be able to share a cat-related fact with friends just in a few seconds, due to the built-in sharing button.

Final Note

All these widgets are lightweight and require Android 4.1+; still, your device should be running 4.2+ to use Simple Note Widget. The functions they perform were designed for everyday usage, so you’ll definitely see the advantages these widgets offer. In case you’ve already tried some of them, feel free to let us know about your experience. 

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    Thanks for the article! Now I'm going to install all sorts of widgets because I now know how to install them))
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