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The Sims 4 Expansion pack Tropical Island premiered a few months ago. And this autumn we'll see Magic of Realm release. But if you can't wait till it's out and other the Sims 4 expansions packs were already finished by you — our top 10 games like The Sims 4 will let you grab a bite of the simulated life.

10. IMVU — Gettin' Social

IMVU screenshot

IMVU allows you to play with a living 3D doll. Here you get impressive freedom over designing your character. You can choose:

  • Gender.
  • Facial type and head.
  • Hairstyle, beard, and mustache, etc.

And of course, there's a wardrobe of clothes to try out: dresses, hoodies, t-shirts. However, don't expect IMVU to be a full replacement for the Sims 4. You won't find career opportunities,  mini-games, exciting challenges, and other life-sim experience.

Instead, you can join various chat rooms and get social. Your IMVU avatar will be put to display and other players can rate/thrash your style. There are options to start a fake relationship, online friendship or have a casual conversation.

Download IMVU and be a stunning diva.

9. Avakin Life — In a Barbie World

Avakin Life screenshot

Avakin Life free is one of the top the Sims 4 alternatives. Mostly because its doll-house reality has impressive 3D visuals — so much gloss and luster! As for the rest, the game mechanics are pretty similar. Sculpt a character, give them a unique style and conquer the Avakin world.

The options for amusement include:

  • Socializing with other players.
  • Building and decorating a house.
  • Landing a job to earn a few Avacoins.

But squeezing everything out of Avakin is hard: its items are expensive. You will literally have to go to work in this game, as well as complete minor tasks: collecting everyday bonus, snapping a selfie of your character, etc. One of the ways to hustle free Avacoins is to use Tapjoy, but players complain that it doesn't work steadily.

Jump into the life of glamour and fashion in Avakin World!

8. Virtual Families 2 — Is it Hard to be a Grown-Up?

Virtual Families 2 screenshot

In this game, you'll be challenged to take care of a whole family. And be warned: this task is far from being easy. First, you should secure their well-being. Second, you'll be tasked with architecting and embellishing a beautiful family nest.

And finally, there will be numerous emergencies that will catch you by surprise. Some will be easy to deal with — like a clogged toilet. Others are pretty serious and capable of destroying your clan of munchkins. At least, keeping an eye on them is easy: VF 2 has a top-down view.

Download Virtual Families 2 and lead these little folks to idyllic life.

7. BitLife — Imagination & HHumor

BitLife screenshot

You won't get to play with fancy dresses or jewelry. You can't pursue a career or build a mansion either. What you can do is to make decisions. BitLife is a text life-simulator that makes you face serious and absurd life situations. Their outcomes completely depend on the decision you'll make. And the consequences may be surprising.

Buy groceries, drop out of college, eat a yummy burrito or tell your accountant his velvet trousers make him look like a hippo — there are various scenarios. And often they will result in something ludicrous. E.g., when a hoodlum assaults you and you choose to "fight back" this will end in his pelvis being "busted" and his buttocks getting "cracked".

Join BitLife and see how many busted pelvises your destiny may lead you!

6. House Flipper — Handymen at Work

House Flipper screenshot

If doing a house renovation is your biggest passion then this game will enchant you. House Flipper is based on a simple idea: buy a house → wreck a house → rebuild it into something majestic.

There is a lot of hard work, like:

  • Mowing the loan,
  • Cutting down the trees,
  • Getting rid of demolition waste,
  • Poisoning cockroaches, rats and neighbors, etc.

But barely there's something you can enjoy as much as smashing walls of a newly purchased house with a huge 11-pound hammer. After that take one of the blueprints and arrange an interior design of your dream.

Build a suburban castle in House Flipper!

5. Spore — Survival of the Hungriest

 Spore screenshot

Brought to you by Will Wright, the author of Sims, Spore takes life simulation to another level. Here you can conceive an entire alien species and lead it to glory! You'll start with the very basics — the living bacteria. Over the course of time, these zestful microorganisms will evolve into something more complicated.

As soon as your creations achieve a maturity level, you'll be faced with various challenges. Predators, viruses, food scarcity, and so on. They can either finish your minions or help them become undefeatable and conquer the entire planet. And maybe the neighboring planets too.

Download Spore and play God. But only for a while.

4. Stardew Valley — Ol' Country Road

Stardew Valley screenshot

Man, what could be worse than sitting in your office all day long? Well, let that boredom drop dead. Let's start a new life with geese, cows, turnips, and beetroots around — this is the ecstasy of farming!

In the game, you arrive at your grandpa's farm in the little town of Stardew Valley. Toil the soil, make cream from the fresh milk and win the first prize at the Cabbage Competition. But beware: an evil monster-corporation seeks to take over the town.

With its retro-visuals and addictive gameplay, Stardew Valley will become a worthy title for your collection. Besides, it's one of the best Sims 4 PS4 alternatives: some life-sims aren't available on the console.

Don't let the corporate evil demolish your cottage house in Stardew Valley.

3. The Sims Freeplay — Take Them With You

The Sims Freeplay screenshot

In case you didn't know, the Sims has a mobile version. Basically, it's an abridged version of the game. You can work, make Simoleons, go on mini-adventures, and build houses. The top-down view hearkens back to the first Sims game.

And its key gimmick is that you don't have to babysit your sim-persona 24/7. In fact, your Sim may sleep for as long as you regularly do. The same goes for other activities: eating breakfast, brushing teeth, etc.

With Sims Freeplay you won't part with the game.

2. Animal Crossing — Fluffy Neighborinos

Animal Crossing screenshot

Imagine if your next-door neighbor was an anthropomorphic kitty. It is possible in Animal Crossing. You move into a town populated by friendly animals. You can adjust your avatar to mimic the real you and erect a house of your dream. The game has no goals except for doing quests (like fishing) and it keeps track of your local time.

Animal crossing is the most peaceful life-sim ever.

1. Second Life — Just Like in Reality

Second Life screenshot

Second Life is the closest thing to the Sims series. In its virtual reality, you can start an enterprise, form a music band, become a model, build a palace and even cram your head with useful real-life knowledge. SL has an enormous player community and you can find people who will share your interests be it art or vintage Louis Vuitton purses.

Get a second chance in Second Life!

The Game of Life

All we know about The Sims 5 is that the game will be "massive". No deadline dates or anything was provided by Maxis. It's expected the 5th entry on the series will premiere at almost the same time with PS5. Until then enjoy our selection and don't forget to fill your actual life with adventures too!

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