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If you're a serious pro in your field — you definitely use Microsoft Word. Even if you're a fan of Apple products. Maybe Word is not cheap, but it gets the job done as no other app can. And to increase your personal efficiency with it, we proudly present the Microsoft Word guide for iPad users. Enjoy!

1. Keep Formatting Intact

If a part of your document is already formatted they you like — congratulations! You can keep it as a default template for the rest of the project on your iPad. Here's how to do it:

  • Select the fragment with the desirable formatting.
  • A contextual menu will pop up.
  • Select Copy.
  • Go to the unformatted part of the doc.
  • In the same menu select Copy Format.

And voila: the text format will be reshaped in a flash. Thus you can copy huge chunks of text from different web-resources without risking to lose the presentable appearance of your project. This feature will come in especially handy if you need to hand in a report/coursework and there's no time to write something original. Wink-wink.

2. Double-tap Dancing

Tapping is the key to manipulating Word on your iPad. What you can do:

  • Cursor. Tap once anywhere you need and the cursor will be placed there.
  • Select a word. Double-tap the word in question.
  • Paragraph. Triple-tap selects a whole sentence or paragraph (depending on how much text you have on the page.

Once the needed words/text have been selected, a contextual menu will appear. In it you can perform Cut, Copy, Delete functions or apply various effects.

3. Cloud Kingdom

OneDrive is set as a standard cloud service to store iPad Word files. However, you're not exclusively limited to that storage: third-party services can also be integrated via Places. Do this step by step:

  • Launch Word.
  • Go to the Open pane.
  • Choose Other Locations.

Through this option, you can do some helpful tweaking. For instance, your custom folders can be added to OneDrive storage and their contents can be accessed via this window. Or you can take extra precautionary measures and assign more cloud storages to store your Word files. This can be done with tapping Add Place and selecting cloud storage you prefer: Dropbox, Mega, Tresorit, Google Drive, and others.

4. Exploration

To search through the file catalog of your device tap More button. Apart from documents saved right on your gizmo, you will also access all other storage services that you've linked to Files. And to open a Word project saved to one of the cloud services, tap the cloud icon.

Don't forget one important detail: a cloud-saved document won't be available offline. Download it if you want to proceed to edit it later with the connection off. A downloaded file will have a green tick next to its title, signaling that it needs no connectivity to be worked with.

5. Cursor Control

Sometimes you need to place the cursor with surgical precision. Well, there are two methods in Microsoft Word app for iPad to do it:

  • Apple Method. Tap the spacebar and hold it until the keyboard becomes grey. As soon as it happens, use the keyboard to position the cursor exactly where you want it to be.
  • Microsoft Method. Tap the area where the cursor should be put. A magnifying glass will appear, allowing you to adjust its position.

6. Shortcuts

If you have an external keyboard for the iPad, you can apply key combos to save time. Microsoft Word app for iPad, together with Excel/PowerPoint, supports classic Mac shortcuts. To see the ones that can be used in an application, hold the Command key (Cmd).

In Word for iPad you can use the following canonic shortcuts:

  • Copy — Cmd + C.
  • Paste — Cmd + V.
  • Undo — Cmd + Z.
  • Redo — Cmd + Y.
  • Select All — Cmd + A.
  • Bold — Cmd + B
  • Italic — Cmd + I.
  • Underline — Cmd + U.
  • Save — Cmd + S.

7. No Pain, Just Share Pane

Some iPad/iPhone users have a hard time spotting the Share pane in MS Word. There's a way to solve this issue:

  • Go to Page → Ellipsis;
  • Select Send a Copy option;
  • Tap Send With Another App;
  • Classical iOS Share pane will appear.

While you are there, you can also select the format of the to-be-sent file: whether PDF or regular Word doc. Also, you'll have a chance to install Microsoft Outlook. It's not mandatory by any means, but who knows when you'd need to use a backup email?

8. Visionary Dictionary

Dictionary in Word can be selected through Settings → Language & Region. Once you get there, you will locate the Preferred Language Order option. Inside there'll be an Add Language feature highlighted with blue color. Upon tapping it, you'll be provided with various dictionaries to choose from. UK and US English are also present.

Arrange the order of languages, like English → French, so you can save some time later. The thing is switching from one tongue to another is much quicker via the globe icon, located on the iPad's keyboard.

9. Want a Font?

One of the reasons why this app is so popular is Microsoft Word fonts. Though desktop users have a much richer repertoire of those and can install more from commercial/free libraries. But the iPad crowd gets to use some too, apart from the generic Calibri.

To apply a font:

  • Select the fragment of text;
  • Go to the Home tab on your iPad;
  • Tap the Font group;
  • Tap the Font Box and choose the one you'd like to use: Arial, Baskerville, etc.

And if it's a bigger/smaller size of the text you're after, tap the Font Size. There, using -/+ buttons you can either enlarge or diminish it.

The Afterword

Are you satisfied with your Word experience on the iPad? Do you know any power tricks for that app? Don't be shy and drop some knowledge in the comments!

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