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Sometimes spam is hilarious and contains the oddest phrases with twisted nonsense imaginable. I cried with laughter when I got a message "Find out how to attract men with bigger breasts on our site." I don’t think anyone would be excited about men with huge breasts, but this message knocked me out.

For a while, it was okay with me to receive a couple of spam messages a month. But several weeks ago I realized something went wrong when one night I got tons of texts asking me to come over, dozens of obscene photos, and loads of other nasty messages. Later it turned out that one of my “friends” found it funny to put my telephone number on a gay dating website.

This joke didn’t seem so amusing to me, especially, when I didn’t know what the matter was. So, I decided to solve this problem immediately and found some reliable ways to do that. Now I know how to block incoming calls and texts on Android, and I’m ready to share some tips with you.

Tired of spam? Together we’ll kill it with fire. Read on.

Use Android’s messaging app

If you own an Android device 4.4 or higher, you’re a lucky beggar, because your default messaging app should have a spam filter. It’s the simplest and quickest way to block texts. I didn’t have such an opportunity, but I’ll tell you how it works. Here’s a short and comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to block texts from a number on Android:

  1. tap and hold the sender’s message;
  2. in a matter of seconds you’ll see two options to either delete the conversation or add to blacklist/spam;
  3. tap “Add to Blacklist”;
  4. confirm your choice.

Ready. You’ll never see the messages from this number again.

If you need more blocking power and control over spammers, try this out:

  1. tap 3 vertical dots or the Menu in your Android’s messaging app;
  2. choose Settings;
  3. scroll down and select Spam filter;
  4. make sure everything works right. If the feature is on, the button on the top right of the screen is green.

You’ll see 3 options providing more control in the Spam filter menu. Here they are:

Add to spam numbers

Choose it to add specific unwanted numbers manually or from contacts and logs. It’s handy when you need to block numbers you can count on one hand.

Add to spam phrases

This option allows you to choose words that when used in a message will be automatically marked as spam. For example, you can block messages with curse words or common keywords often used by spammers. It’s a helpful thing to try against those who use alphanumeric numbers to prevent being recognized as spam. But be careful and don’t block texts with widespread words like “purchase” or “discount” because you may miss some important messages. For example, that one, where your mother purchased you a new sweater with deer.

Block Unknown Senders

Use such option to only receive messages from people who are in your contact list. It's a perfect solution for such a spicy situation like mine. It’s handy, but remember that you’ll miss messages from people who you know, but who are not in your contact list.

Install a reliable third-party app

You can easily download SMS blocking apps for free if the built-in text blocking service doesn’t fulfill your needs. I’ve chosen the most useful messages blocking apps for Android. All of them are free and will help you to get rid of the question how to block both calls and texts on Android phones.


Whoscall is an app allowing you to identify and operate caller information. It doesn’t matter whether you have it in your contact list or not. The app has so many phone numbers in its database that you will be well-protected from all the irritating calls and messages.

Plus, you can use additional features like tagging phone numbers, keyword block, identification of telemarketing and store numbers.

Mr. Number

It’s one of the most powerful SMS blocking apps on Google Play. Download Mr. Number to identify and liquidate annoying spam, scam, and fraud. Using it, you can report text messages. I did it myself to warn other users.

One of the interesting options is the ability to block messages not only from one number but an area code.

Caller ID & Block

This app is fantastic in all senses. Caller ID & Block scans social networks and finds information about the person calling or texting you. You’ll see his or her latest tweets, Facebook status, workplace details, photo, birthday, social info, and so on. It’s so exciting to know who is the real caller before you talk. It’s a perfect app for those who have a large contact list.

All these apps are easy to customize, so you won’t have any problems with blocking text messages on your Android device.

Contact your carrier

Most mobile carriers provide services and additional options to help their clients block texts from particular numbers. Do that if nothing else helps. It’s not a problem for your carrier to create a block list, but it’s not always for free. So, ask about the price before blocking someone in such a way.

To contact the carrier, go to the official website and log in. Look for the page where you can block a number. If you can’t do that, just contact the carrier's customer service, and they will help you.

What happens after you block someone?

As a rule, nothing changes from the sender’s point of view. This person won’t find out that he or she is blocked. In some cases, they won’t receive a “message sent” confirmation and will figure out that you blocked them.

If you want a person to know that you added him to blacklist, write something like “XXX-XXX-XXXX has blocked you.” He would be inclined to think it was a text sent by network or something like that.

C-ya, spammer

You couldn't stop texting me, huh?

Don’t underestimate the benefits of blocking text messages on Android. You have to pay for spam messages even if you receive a couple of them a day unless you own an unlimited SMS plan. That’s why try to avoid receiving texts from scammers, ex-lovers, and other irritating individuals.

Now, when you know how to block text messages on Android, don’t hesitate to try one or even several of these ways. Not each of them will work for you, but if you need help with any method, let me know in the comments below.

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