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I adore customizing and messing around with my smartphone, changing its looks on the move. Luckily, Android is a flexible and adjustable platform, and there are lots of alterations you can make without rooting your device.

One of the things I enjoy fiddling with is my home screen. When I first changed it, Android asked me, whether I’d like to select it “Just once” or “Always.” I liked the way my home screen looked, so I’ve chosen the variant “Always,” and was never offered to change it back again.

After a while, I decided to reset the home screen to the default and did some research on how to do that. It turned out to be pretty easy, so now I’ll tell you how to change home screen on Android. Simply follow the guide below.

  1. go to the Settings;
  2. locate and select Apps or App Manager;
  3. tap the All tab;
  4. scroll down to find the home screen you currently use.

Locating and selecting the App Manager

 Finding the home screen you currently use


Finally, tap the Clear Defaults button. You'll see that there will be no defaults set anymore. It's a good sign.

Tapping the Clear Defaults buttonClearing defaults on Android


 After you’ve cleared the defaults, you need to change the Android home page. It’s easy:

  1. tap the home button;
  2. choose the home screen you like;
  3. select “Always.”

How to choose the home screen you needHow to choose a home screen









Such method will work with regardless of what Android device you own. The basic distinction you may notice is the default home screen used by your smartphone or tablet.

Alternate Launchers

I always want more from my Android smartphone, and I get it. More features, options, themes, and home screens never hurt anybody, so why not use such an opportunity. Third-party launchers replace the default home screen and make it appealing. Here are my favorite top-3 free Android launchers:

GO Launcher

This launcher is the first and the still the best one I downloaded. GO Launcher is stylish, highly customizable, and offers you the interactive control experience. This app allows you to use more than:

  • 25 screen animation effects;
  • 15 app widgets;
  • 10000 themes.

After installing this app, you get an easy-to-use and customized user interface enriching your mobile experience. You’ll be able to choose simple and smooth animation effects, making your home screen exceptionally good-looking.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is optimized to do its job in a fast way and allows you to use your device as quickly as you can move your fingers. Using it, you’ll find:

  • thousands of icon themes for this launcher;
  • ameliorated widget drawer;
  • refined backup and restore system;
  • color controls for labels, folders, badges, tabs, and backgrounds;
  • infinite scroll;
  • custom tabs, effects, vertical and horizontal scrolling, etc.

This launcher has an impressive balance between stunning performance and high customizability without becoming overwhelmed with features.

CM Launcher 3D

I can’t call such a launcher an ordinary one. It will redefine your Android desktop entirely with high speed, astonishing 3D transition effects, and smooth operation. Here are some of the highlights:

  • progressive 3D animation engine;
  • elegant and straightforward navigation;
  • dynamic display;
  • free 3D widgets, themes, and wallpapers;
  • cool animation and sound effects;
  • screen management interface;
  • DIY themes, and more.

With CM Launcher 3D, your Android device will feel like new.

The wind of changes

Personalization is at the heart of Android, so you won’t stay with the same home screen and icon pack forever. You’ll improve your device’s appearance and productivity effortlessly with a new launcher. It will be cool to discover the beautiful icons, places to put widgets, and your home screen’s new features.

So there you have it. If you face any problems, have suggestions about changing the home screen on Android devices, or want to share other launchers with our readers, post them in the comments section below.

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