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You might have heard about a strange thing called "cache", and some still think it's a place where tons of gold are stored. Well, this is no longer true. 

On your mobile device, a cache is a place where the accompanying data from apps or websites you've browsed is stored. When used repeatedly, the app/website will benefit speed-wise because you won't have to download the files again as they are stored within your device, i.e. cached. This speeds up your device and saves expensive data as well.

On a short term run, there are no significant downs with the cache, but with time it'll start taking up too much space on your device, leading to sluggish performance and poor web experience. The solution to this problem is cleaning your cache every now and then.

Clear Cache - App

If you have an app that misbehaves way too often while other apps seem to work just fine, you may improve its performance and it's definitely less drastic than outright reinstalling the app. The steps you need to take are quite simple.

1. Open the Main menu

2. Open your Settings app

3. Find the Apps menu

4.Find the app that's been misbehaving and tap on it.

5. You'll see some detailed information about the app, and if scroll down a little there will be a button that says "clear cache" and its size in megabytes (or bytes if you're lucky). Tap it without hesitation. Your apps' cache will now be erased and you can do the same for other apps as well.

Clear Cache - All Apps

This approach is a little bit more radical and it will dump the cache of every app you have installed on your device, so proceed carefully. The good thing about it that you don't need a separate app as this feature is a system one. 

1. Go to your Settings menu

2. Tap on Storage tab.

3. Once there, you'll see a color-coded bar that breaks down your storage use, distribution into apps, pictures, audio and space available. Scroll down to see Cached data and press it.

4. After you tap it, you'll see a prompt asking to confirm that your intentions are genuinely serious. Tap OK if this is the case. In a second or two, your phone will provide you with new stats and Cached data section will be looking sorry - or happy, if that's your MO.

Clear Cache - Browser 

If you're not quite happy with your browser's performance, a good approach to deal with it is wiping your cache do give it a breath of fresh air and cookie files. Follow the steps below to do so.

1. Open your browser (I'm using Chrome, but generally the sequence is pretty much the same). Tap the 3-dot menu in the upper right corner.

2. Find the Settings item and press it. Scroll to see Advanced and tap on Privacy.

3. In this new menu, find the button that says Clear Browsing Data. Tap it to see a new popup menu, and uncheck all the boxes but Cache and press clear. 

That's it! Upon completion of these steps, you'll most likely notice a significant improvement in your device's performance. Do it at least once a month and keep your phone junk-free. Make sure to keep an eye on our How-to's section and share your experience in the Comments section below.

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  • BL
    Brian Langley
    5 years ago
    Very useful, I have used this method works well. My problem is I have a ZTE avid plus Z828 I installed a SD 16g I can't load anything from the internal storage phone memory. I have it to where it's supposed to load straight to SD card it won't I have a couple of gigs on. Is there a app or anything else I can get to help MN
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  • M
    6 years ago
    Thank you, very useful information. Did everything as written. Now my phone is really much faster.
  • J
    6 years ago
    Never know that you could delete chrome's cache from its settings, thanx. Would like to see article about cleaning system memory with separate apps. Didn't work correct, when i do(
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