How to Combine Music Streaming Services: One App to Rule Them All

How to Combine Music Streaming Services: One App to Rule Them All on Freepps Top Blog

There's more than just a lot of streaming services. One life is not enough to hear all the good music even with no repetitions. Is switching between apps worth wasted time? And having several apps for Deezer, YouTube, SoundCloud and other services will overload your device and cause slowdowns spoiling all the pleasure. Local music players can settle for less memory and CPU power, but can you fit all the music you like into your memory?

The solution is in using an integrator app like one for messengers that used to be popular in the late 2000s. There are not many apps to select from, so there is Qus. The app with a tasty name is available right here in our catalog . For now, it supports YouTube, SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify and Deezer; however, the latter two are yet to be activated. Other services are to be added soon.

Qus App

How to work with Qus

1.       Install Qus.
2.       Get through the registration  process. You won’t be able to use neither your Facebook nor Google ID for it, so save a minute for this.
3.       Authorize in Deezer and Spotify if you plan to use these services. If you’re not registered there, you can create your accounts right from Qus.
4.       Search the artist or song you want in the unified search field up above.
5.       Tap the song you find to play it or to add it to your playlist.

The app allows creating custom playlists or add existing. You can add both tracks from your local library and stream them down from outer sources. But there’s much more than that!

Music Is Social

The app wouldn’t require registration at all if not for its social features. You can save your efforts by following other users and listening to what they search or listen. 

No, your follower gets no access to your local music files, but online tracks you search are available for streaming. The most interesting and kind of romantic thing is listening to some music together simultaneously from the same service.

No, this app is not perfect yet. Music fans will certainly notice that the app lacks an EQ. That seems the greatest drawback but it may be fixed. A far more serious issue that can’t be fixed right now is the impossibility to play YouTube videos in the background mode. 

So if you want to leave your device away and do something else to the music streamed, we recommend you use YouTube as the secondary source only. These issues may be the reason why the app is (to our mind) underrated.

But even with it all in mind, Qus seems to be a good way to hold your musical tastes together and socialize with it

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