How To: Connect Google Calendar To Outlook

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We say “Android” and mean “Google” with all its services, including Google Calendar. But it’s hard to resist the wonderful combination of mail, calendar and contact manager brought by Microsoft’s new Outlook

Do we have to transfer to Microsoft mail services? No, we don’t. You can use Microsoft Outlook as a client app for your Google Calendar account.

Outlook start page

How to connect Google account to Outlook app?

It works the same way with Android and iOS. The work is done easily in several steps:

  1. Open your Outlook app and go to Settings
  2. Go to Add account and select Add mail account
  3. Select Google account and enter your login and password
  4. When Google requires your permission for the Outlook app to access its services, permit it
  5. Open Calendar section by tapping Calendar icon below
  6. Tap the cog icon in the right upper corner and scroll down to Calendar section
  7. Tap the Default calendar option and select your Google Calendar as default

OK, now your Google Calendar events will be displayed in your Outlook routine. When you create a new event in Outlook, it will be saved in your Google calendar by default. But you’ll be able to select the calendar manually when creating events - for example when you need your event in a shared calendar connected to your Google account.

Google and Outlook

Why use Outlook with Google?

Outlook for Android (like its older brother for Windows) is a unique versatile organizer with your mail, contacts, calendar and cloud storage in one app. And it makes sense to use it instead of Google’s set of apps. Besides that, you can connect third-party services:

  • Microsoft mail;
  • Facebook;
  • Evernote calendars and reminders;
  • general Exchange accounts.

This way, the busy users with intense email activity may have their reasons to prefer Outlook.

iOS users may be guided by the same reasons, but there’s no pre-installed Google Calendar, so one reason for hesitation less.

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