How to Control Automatic App Updates in iOS

How to Control Automatic App Updates in iOS on Freepps Top Blog
One of the most convenient features of iOS is automatic updating of the apps. Yes, it saves your time and attention; you don’t have to update the apps manually and don’t receive annoying alerts about available updates.
But sometimes you don’t want your apps to update automatically. The reasons for it may vary: new versions may have more bugs or lack some features developers see as superfluous. One of the most important reasons to turn automatic updates off is its usage of mobile data plans. There’s a solution for each situation. You don’t have to use third-party solutions, it’s all already built-in.
If you want to control updating process manually and only install certain updates you’re sure about, you should open Settings menu from your home screen. Then find “iTunes & App Stores” tab in the left part of the screen and tap it. In the right part find the Update section and open it.
If you want your updates off completely, you should find the slider button in the Updates line and turn it off. The button should switch its color from green to gray. Congratulations! You won’t receive those updates.
If your real aim is to avoid excessive usage of your data plan there’s an option for you. Scroll the same page down, find “Use Cellular Data” line, then turn the slider off in the same way. The updates will only use your Wi-Fi connection.
If you use iOS 9.x there’s another step you may take to make completely sure you won’t have your data plan maxed. The Wi-Fi Assist feature that automatically switches to cellular data when Wi-Fi is weak should be also turned off.

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    6 years ago
    Automatic app update has to be controlled, I agree. I choose manual regime to avoid undesirable updates.
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