How To: Fix iOS 9.3 Issues

How To: Fix iOS 9.3 Issues on Freepps Top Blog

With iOS 9.3 released for the general public, Apple brought the long-awaited updates like Night Shift and protected notes to the table.

Along came bugs.


While they are absolutely normal for any raw, unpolished release, they are not welcome in what is expected to be a refinement to overall user experience. The bugs reported so far include:

  • Safari links not working issue;
  • Apps refusing to update;
  • Unable to Connect issue;
  • General lags and stuttering.

Let's tip our hats to Apple for acknowledging these problems and releasing a prompt fix that works for iPad 2, but the rest of the devices could use something similar, too. 

Anyway, there are ways to bypass these issues, and you don't even have to get too creative.

1. Rebooting your device may resolve all the existing problems for you. While not 100% guaranteed to help, starting afresh usually does the job.

2. Connect your device to a Mac or PC through USB and launch iTunes to get rid of Unable to Activate glitch. Also works for Activation server unavailable and Verification Error. A true jack of all trades this method is.

3. If you hit a roadblock with an Update Unavailable prompt, connect your iDevice to your computer, launch iTunes and check for updates manually. If you don't have a computer at your disposal, try checking for the update later.

4. Broken links in Mail and Safari seems to be the most widespread and the most irritating issue of all. The surefire method is to wait it out and avoid updating for now if you can. However, if you already jumped on the 9.3 bandwagon, there are some suggestions on fixing the issue, like:

  • Force rebooting;
  • Using chrome;
  • Disabling Javascript;
  • Clearing Cache and history;

All of these are half-measures, though, and the problem will most likely come back sooner or later.

5. The only full measure so far is rolling back to iOS 9.2.1, which is relatively easy to implement if you follow all the correct steps. 

Alternatively, you can still wait until a proper fix comes out.

Infuriated with iOS 9.3 glitches? Share your frustration and questions in the comments!

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