How To Get Rid Of Dead Pixels on Your Smartphone Screen?

How To Get Rid Of Dead Pixels on Your Smartphone Screen? on Freepps Top Blog

No one can be totally protected from dead pixels on smartphone screens. There are several reasons of this accident including slump or production waste.

This article is devoted to several ways which will help you to cure the display of your smartphone or tablet from dead pixels. We should warn you that the methods provided in the article don’t guarantee complete success. But why not to try some of them?

1. Consecutive Change of Colors

There are many applications which launch consecutive change of colors. It is one of efficient ways to eliminate dead pixels that should be tried first.

We advise you to apply the following applications:

2. Massage Pixels


Well, massage for the pixels on your smartphone might sound like an old wives remedy, but try it and you will see that it really works like all those weird ideas! So, you have to do the following: take an ear stick and gently press the place indicating dead pixels. The display must be turned off during this procedure. We can’t guarantee that this manual technique will definitely help you, but you should try it to find out that it doesn’t work.

3. Freeze Your Device in Refrigerator

We know several cases when people simply put their smartphones into refrigerators and they claim that it is the best way to reduce dead pixels. If you want to try this method, it is obligatory to pull the battery out, put the device into a plastic barrier bag with a rag bag with salt that protects your gadget from humidity. Wait for 3 hours. Then take the plastic bag with your device inside out of the refrigerator. Don’t take your device out of the bag until it heats up to room temperature. Turn on your device and check the result.

4. Get it Repaired

The best idea is to go to the service center and get your device repaired. The safest method is to pay for the new display and professional help.

Attention! We do not bear responsibility for any effects and consequences which may happen to your smartphones, tablets and any sort of devices!

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    6 years ago
    I didn't believe that freezing my smartphone in a refrigerator would work, but it did! No dead pixels now.
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