How to Get Your Bluetooth Headset to Work with IMO Video Calls

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IMO Free Video Calls and Chat is one of the most popular apps for voice and video communication. It’s great to have something to make overseas calls for free. And it’s still greater to speak via a Bluetooth headset while the camera shows your face. But what do you do if the headphones refuse to work with IMO video? We have collected the reviews and found the following methods of fixing the issue.

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When the Problem Is in Bluetooth

First of all, you need to make sure your Bluetooth device is connected properly. To ensure this, turn the headphones off, then turn Bluetooth off on your device and reconnect them. Do the following:

1. Switch your headphones into the pairing mode. Read the manual to see how exactly it is done with your particular model. Usually, you need to keep the power button pressed for 10 seconds, but sometimes it’s trickier.
2. Open Settings on your phone and enter “Bluetooth” section. It’s usually in the upper section, along with other network options.
3. Press “Discover”. If there isn’t this button, wait until it starts displaying new devices under the list of those already paired.
4. If the names aren’t displayed, wait a bit until they show instead of MAC-addresses.
5. Select your headphones and tap “Connect”

After the connection is established, try to make a regular phone call or to play some music to make sure the headphones can both play music and transmit your voice. If it’s all correct, they should also work with IMO.
In case of IMO not working with Bluetooth after it’s all done, read the next section.

When the Problem Is in IMO

The issue with the app is often reported when IMO is downloaded from Google Play. Yet there are other sources to get it from – for example, Aptoide, an alternative app market. To do it, you need to:

1. Visit the official link and download the .APK file.
2. Run it on your phone or tablet to install the app.
3. Allow installing apps from unknown sources if necessary.
4. Wait until the installation is complete.

After you have Aptoide installed, uninstall the version of IMO you have on your phone. Then run Aptoide and enter “IMO” into the search field. It will return several apps; choose the one that’s called simply “IMO” and install it by tapping “Install”.

The trick is that installing the app via Aptoide grants it all the rights to access anything it requires, including Bluetooth audio service. Making it via Aptoide delivers you basically the same app, but it will surely have access to your Bluetooth headset like it’s supposed to.

Now that you know how to use Bluetooth headset with IMO, make sure the app won’t update via Google Play to avoid possible conflicts. To do this, do the following:

1. Open Google Play Market app.
2. Go to Settings.
3. Tap “Auto-Update Apps”.
4. Choose “Do not auto-update apps” and go back.

Thus we don’t let the reinstalled IMO app review its permissions. After it’s installed via Aptoide, we keep Google Play Market from trespassing. Keep the app safe and protected, and it will work.

If you need to update the app, do it via Aptoide. But we’d recommend you not to hurry with updating before you make sure the new version brings no new glitches. Read reviews, ask friends if they use it too; if they have no or little complaints, then switch.

Now That It’s Fine

This instruction often works, despite it may seem a bit absurd to just reinstall the same app from another source. But the permissions are the reason. Aptoide handles them in a different way.

You might have an even more paradox story of fixing this issue. If you have, please, share it in the comments. Not sure we will be able to test it and prove right or wrong; but we will try, out of pure interest.

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