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A lot of people are annoyed by seeing all the preinstalled apps on their devices when they never actually use them because they occupy space on the home screen making it look more cluttered. Fortunately, it will become possible to delete some of these apps in iOS 10, but if you use iOS 9 and won’t be able to update to the newest version, you have an opportunity to hide these apps so at least you don’t see them every time you unblock your device.

Hide the applications that you don’t use

Not a lot of people know that there is quite a simple way to hide the apps so that they don’t get on your nerves every day. The steps that you need to follow to hide the applications on your phone are:

  1. Tap the application that you want to hide and hold the icon until the chosen app and all others begin to shake. Once you do that, you enter the Edit Mode where you can either move the selected icons to new positions on the screen or delete them by clicking the little cross. As you already know, if the app is preinstalled the cross won’t appear.
  2. The next step is to ensure that the app that you want to hide is inside a folder. If it’s not in a folder and you don’t have any, you can simply drag an app icon on top of another one, and the folder will be created. Continue adding all the apps that you want to hide into a single folder.

Placing the apps you want to hide in a folder

  1. Go into the folder. With the help of the Edit Mode, you should move the icon to the right-hand side and wait until you enter the next page of the folder. You should repeat this step until the first page of the foln. If you get any questions regarding this tutorial, feel free to leave them in the comments.der is free of the apps.
  2. Remove your finger so that the icon is located on the left-hand edge of the page as usually. In our example, you can see that we have one icon on the second page and 8 icons on the first one.

Moving an application to a second page of the folder

Remember that if you’re using an iPhone other that 6s Plus, the way everything is displayed will be different as you will be able to see only one page at a time.

  1. Repeat the step 3 of dragging the icon to the right-hand edge, and your device will create another page for the app icon. In our example, there will be 8 app icons located on the first page, a blank second page, and one icon on the third page. The difference in this step is that instead of releasing your finger you should press the home button while holding the finger on the app icon. One you do that, the app will fly to the left and disappear.

Dragging the app to the right edge of the folder

  1. Once you do that to all the apps in the folder, it will disappear too.

The applications disappeared from the iPhone folder

Simple way to unclutter your home screen

Personalizing your phone is what makes using it enjoyable and easy, but there are certain things about your phone that you simply cannot change, such as deleting preinstalled apps. While the situation is probably going to change with iOS 10, you can still hide the applications without having to upgrade to the newest versio

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