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Why do we even buy mobile devices with barely any storage space? They are definitely much cheaper, and this sometimes becomes the decision maker. Besides, we always tend to underestimate the amounts of memory consumption, taking into consideration that technically we get even fewer gigabytes than declared. So, what can we do in this case?

The best answer is to avoid smartphones with the smallest amount of storage possible. However, if you’re already a happy owner of a 16GB iPhone and it fills up quickly, there are still several solutions for this situation. Let us describe your several life-saving tips for the device’s memory expansion. 

Tip 1. Manage Your Applications

Photos and Camera Settings Screenshots

The first step you should do is to sort the apps installed on your iPhone and to fight with the most “gluttonous” of them. Go to Settings and tap General. Then choose Manage Storage on the Usage tab. 

There is an unwritten rule: if you haven’t opened the app for the last month, this means that you don’t need it so badly, and you can live without it. Besides, you will be able to reinstall these apps any time.
You should also take into account that almost all the apps and games are gaining weight with time, because of the updates, sticker and emoji packages, etc. It will be useful to delete and reinstall them from time to time.

Tip 2. Change Your Photo and Video Settings

Photos and Camera Settings Screenshots

Sometimes we are forced to make sacrifices; that’s why the low memory rate on our iPhone presupposes the refusal of almost all the cool camera’s advantages. Live Photos - actually, three-second videos - are the first to be turned off. To do this, just go to the Camera app and press on the yellow circles at the top of the screen to make them white. 

The same is true for 4K and Slo-mo videos, taking far more space than the ordinary video files. So, you need to reduce the frame rate and resolution. For this purpose, launch Settings and go to Photos & Camera. In the Record Video and Record Slo-mo choose the middle or the most appropriate rates.

Tip 3. Stop Downloading Media Files

No one will argue that it’s handy to have music and TV shows stored on our smartphones. Still, those users with basic models of iPhone should forget about this in favor of streaming services and cloud storages. 

This tip may be also used if you don’t want to snap low-quality selfies and video shots. There are plenty of such storages, and you may choose between manual and automatic backups of all your media files. Moreover, you can use only the free space offered by several services for different purposes. 

Tip 4. Get Rid of Old Files and Messages

iPhone Message History Settings

Of course, some old but lovely or funny chats and voicemails as well as well as “just-in-case” documents and other memorable files may mean a lot for us. Still, we have to revise them and filter those to be deleted for saving more storage, especially if they contain “heavy” attachments. It also concerns the long-forgotten screenshots and already backed up photos. 

In case you don’t feel a burning desire to re-read all your messages, you may go to Settings and choose the Message section. Inside the Message History tab, you’ll find the Keep Messages option. Tap it and set to a month only; after this time they will be deleted automatically.

Tip 5. Clear Cache and Browsing History

All the websites you visit using your iPhone’s browser leave their “traces” in a form of residual files, which lie dormant on the device. Actually, these files are not so huge, but this step will also help prevent your personal browsing history from being viewed by someone else. Go to Safari tab in the Settings menu and tap Clear History and Website Data. Do not forget to clean the app cache from time to time. 

Tip 6. Restore Your Device

Transfer Purchases Option on iTunes

The last thing you can do to get some more free space for your iPhone is restoring it. However, make sure that it’s reasonable first: plug the device into your PC and launch iTunes to see the storage breakdown. 

Follow these instructions if the Other constituent is too big:

  • With iTunes opened and your iPhone plugged in, select the device and go to File>Devices>tap Transfer Purchases.
  • Tap on Encrypt iPhone Backup to include all the personal settings.
  • Set a password and choose Restore Backup in iTunes and that’s it.

Final Thoughts

We’re almost sure that your next iPhone won’t be a 16GB model. In fact, there is no point in purchasing it because of the ever-growing iOS and app updates, which eat away more and more storage with every new version. Still, share your thoughts on the issue with us!

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