How To Locate Your Family Members With Free Apps

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Living in the unstable world, we got used to checking our dearest people’s well-being from time to time. Sometimes, we even have to do this for tracking the rebellious child’s movements. However, it is not always convenient to call or text our friends or family members to get to know their current location. 

That is why we praise modern technologies for much easier methods. It’s obvious that we’re talking about mobile application to fulfill this purpose. Below you’ll find four possible methods or apps which may be applied for tracking someone’s location. They’re free of charge but sometimes offer additional in-app features.

Glympse (iOS and Android)

Glympse Mobile Tracking App Screenshots

Glympse is a simple-to-use tracking application, allowing both to share your own location and to get to know others’ in a few seconds. This app is a great tool for coordinating of all the collective plans and meetings, letting anyone who cares to know if you’re at home already.

Its key features are as follows:

  • Setting the time of your location visibility for other users;
  • Viewing locations on the dynamic map in a real-time mode;
  • Expiration of a Glympse location after viewing;
  • Ease of sharing locations and ETAs with anyone you like;
  • Background performance;
  • GPS and Internet connection are used for real-time tracking.

Find My Friends! (Android)

Find My Friends Registration Process

Find My Friends application offers you to see your dearest's current whereabouts on a map. Moreover, you’ll be able to chat with them, share some news about nice places to visit, and get directions to your friends’ locations, if they accidentally get lost somewhere. 

This friend locator allows you to keep in touch with people who matter to you. It’s amazing, but the app also may help track those of your relatives and friends who don’t have smartphones at their disposal. You should only send them a message with an invitation and they should answer “Yes” to make their personal icons appear on your map. 

Life360 Family Locator (iOS and Android)

Life360 Family Locator App Functionality

Life360 Family Locator also belongs to the most popular people-finding apps. The awesome feature is that you may choose two map spots - for instance, school, work, or else - and the app will automatically notify you if someone has entered these locations.

You may also set a “panic” or emergency option, which will automatically send notifications with your or your kids’ coordinates to other members of a circle in case the need arises. What’s more, there is a shopping list, an event reminder, and a built-in messaging service for in-app communication. 

The premium app version also includes emergency roadside assistance, unlimited number of places to point out as favorites, and protection against stealing of your phone. After a 30-day trial, you’ll have to pay either  $5 monthly or $50 annually. 

Google+ (iOS and Android)

Google+ Locations Settings Menu

You may not like Google’s notorious social network, but it has also got on our list for its rather nice ability for location sharing. The only thing you’ll need is to send a request to your friends to get their permission for tracking. In Location Settings, you can choose the exact circle or circles of people who will be able to see your location.

Tap right and left arrows at the bottom of the map to switch to another person from your list. If a couple of your friends or relatives currently stay together, you’ll see them as one grouping marked with a number of people inside. Zooming the latter shows everyone included.

Nota Bene

  • Please be aware of the fact that you’ll need a person’s agreement to be able to track his location, and it concerns every aforementioned application. 
  • Besides, the GPS signals can’t be determined accurately sometimes. Such things do happen.
  • Furthermore, if their mobile device is turned off, unfortunately, you won’t be able to keep an eye on them. 
  • And even this is not the final thing - being constantly in the background, these tracking apps may drain your battery a lot. 

Final Thoughts

Although the technical progress is a pretty useful thing we shouldn’t forget about the need to maintain personal space. And no matter how badly we want to control our family members’ lives, sometimes we should deviate from the “trust, but verify” principle. Still, we wait for your feedback on the topic in the comments below. Tell us how you have managed to get rid of your mom’s/girlfriend’s “where-are-you” calls.

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    Very usefull type of apps in our times. Parents always feels calm when the know exactly where their child is, at any time.
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