How to Make Money On Roblox: Secret Tips and Tricks

How to Make Money On Roblox: Secret Tips and Tricks on Freepps Top Blog

More and more people are learning how to build games. And the common questions they are faced with are where to publish the games and how to make real money on them. So, now we want to tell you about Roblox, the popularity of which has exploded over the past several years. For now, the platform has a really large community engaged in developing and playing games. And with so many people using the platform, there is only one question: what are the roblocks tips and tricks that will allow you to earn real money?

Trick 1: Build and sell Roblox games

As the Roblox is the platform for playing and building games, the most obvious way to make money here is to design and promote your own game. The platform allows you to charge money before users actually get access to your game. But be aware that almost all games are totally free. Hence, you need to develop a really great game using the Roblox apk, so people would want to play it in spite of additional costs.

Trick 2: Use Game Passes

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Roblox developing can be really profitable. Excluding the common game selling, users can use Game Passes. You can think about them like Downloadable Content in PC, PS4, and Xbox One. If you have used these platforms before, you most likely know that DLC allows users to extend the opportunities in the games, but it is not a necessary thing, and you can play without additional purchases. The logic behind Game Passes is the same: they give you access to unique things that make the gameplay more convenient and fun.

Trick 3: Trade exclusive Limited Items

Suppose, you play the game where outfits play an important role and can give extra force to your character. A gamer can get free clothes on Roblox or buy Limited Items, very rare things that you can use in the game. And if you are lucky and get them, you can sell these items to other gamers for a good price. Our advice is to keep an eye on all the announcements from developers.

Trick 4: Do not forget to exchange your Robux for real money

Roblox is the whole separate world with its own digital currency that drives the economy — Robux. To get them you only need to purchase Robux with real money. People can collect them and spend on buying Game Passes, for example. Once you have gained enough Robux, you can transfer them back into real money using the Developer Exchange program. One thing: be patient, because there are some difficulties. According to the official site:

  • your age must be at least 13 years old;
  • you need to fill in the form;
  • you have to wait for your request to be approved.

The exchanged rate is $.0035 per 1R$.

To sum up

You will no longer ask a friend: ‘How do you make money on Roblox?’ Now you know this! But be aware of a lot of scammers who try to earn money dishonestly on the platform. Share interesting stories about how people make their cash on Roblox with us.

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