How To: Open Zip Files On Android

How To: Open Zip Files On Android on Freepps Top Blog

Android is an extremely flexible OS: unlike iOS users, Android fans enjoy larger freedom, so you can have your cake and eat it too, and open some zip files along the way. These archives are the storage, in which data is stored in a compressed state, and you can extract this data with the aid of the applications, able to work with its format.

You can use zip files for transferring groups of files from your computer to your phone and save time when you want to move bunch of memorable photos and keep them closer to your heart. Or you may receive zip files via email. For example, the photos from the last night’s party you desperately need to check from phone or tablet on your way to work to know if you consider and plan for the worst or you are safe. Or urgent records, which you should have looked through yesterday.

The easiest and most accessible way to open zip file is to use a utility, specific app, which can extract and what’s more create these files.

There are tons of different archivers on the Google Play. However, not all of them can brag of good functionality and attractive interface.

We will guide you step by step and show how to open zip files on your Android device using an app called RAR.

Install the app

RAR is one of the most convenient and popular archiver apps on the market. Developed by the WinRar creators, RAR is an old stager of the archivers on the market. This app is so well-known, it has almost became a household name. So You’ll find lots of familiar WinRar features. Besides zip, Rar supports lots of other types of files, such as rar, tar and 7z.

You can download the app here, through the safe link we provide.

How to open zip files

When the installation is completed, find the app’s icon on your homescreen and open it. Give it the permission to access files on your device.


Now you’ll see a list of folders and files. In the menu on the left choose the folder which contains the zip file.

  1. Tap and hold on the zip file.
  2. The menu will pop up. Choose “Extract files”.
  3. You can choose directory of the extraction in the following emerged menu.
  4. Then tap OK.

The files will be extracted.

You can also open the zip file to look through the files that it contains, tapping on it.

For better guidance we’ve made a gif with all the steps of using RAR for zip files opening for you.


Before giving birth train on the kittens. It’s kinda the same with RAR: start slow and careful, and leave unpacking of the compromising evidence on Trump for the next Thursday.

If you have any questions left, go to the comment section below. Would you like another guide on archiving your files?


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