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Sometimes we all run into the consequences of one awkward move. It’s a common trouble to delete a picture you’d like to keep (along with dozens of willingly deleted ones) or a whole album. If you haven’t activated cloud backup, the photo will be lost. Forever? Let’s see. There are ways to recover it on your phone and get back to life. Actually they're still in your memory until they're overwritten by new data.

Before you do the following steps, check your Google Photos account. Possibly your deleted photo has been stored there. Or, if you use a popular QuickPic gallery, the copy of the photo may appear in CM Cloud.

If not, you’ll have to recover your photo with a little help from your PC. Yes, your powerful smartphone has to become just a slave device and give your PC full access to its content. It’s your chance to feel more omnipotent than FBI vs. Apple!

NB: your phone should be rooted.

How To Recover Your Lost Photos

  1. When you have noticed your photos are missing, leave your phone and don’t do a thing on it. Turn off your data connections, exit all running apps.
  2. Make sure USB debugging is enabled. Go to Settings/About Phone/Developer Options, find the USB Debugging switch and activate it.
  3. Install the recovering app on your computer. We recommend FonePaw, the app available both for Windows and OS X. 

For any Android phone

  1. Connect your device to your desktop and let the software detect it.
  2. If the phone requires your permission for your PC to access files, permit it.
  3. Select the type of files you’d like to recover. 

FonePaw to grab it all

  1. Let the app scan through your phone.
  2. The phone may reboot during the process, it’s OK. Just follow the instructions appearing both on your PC and on your phone screen.
  3. After FonePaw detects all the recoverable photos, select which ones you’d like to save, and click Yes. Select which ones should be resurrected. The app demonstrated the place taken by these photos and space available in your memory.

See what you have lost and found

FonePaw is a paid app, but you have a free month trial. If you only need to recover your photos once, a trial unregistered version will do the job.

Unregistered, but full-featured

How to Avoid Losing Your Photos Later

Well, now you know that photos aren’t recovered in one tap. So it would be wise to prevent these issues from now 

  • Use the Cloud, Luke! Google Photos or specialized services (we have reviewed them in a comparison) will keep your photos away in a cozy cloud, so you can recover them even if your phone will be crashed.
  • Copy your photos to your PC. Or buy an OTG adapter to connect USB disks to your phone and store your gallery. Today it’s no problem to buy a specialized USB disk with both USB and Micro USB connectors, so you can connect it both to your phone and your PC.

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