How To: Remove Google Photos Web Albums From Your Gallery

How To: Remove Google Photos Web Albums From Your Gallery on Freepps Top Blog

When Google creates a new service, it cares a lot about integrating it into Android to provide the best user experience. 

But sometimes it’s not that convenient. There may be reasons why we don’t want our cloud albums visible in our gallery, whatever they are.

Is there a way to exclude Google Photos from Android Gallery? 

Yes, there is one, and it's simple. Here are the simple steps you need to take

  • Go to Settings;
  • Select Accounts; 
  • Then Google;
  • Find “Google Photos Backup” line and switch it off; 
  • When the status is displayed as “Sync is OFF”, go back and make sure the Google Photos folder is not displayed in your Gallery.

Sometimes it may require restarting your phone for changes to take effect, it depends on Android version.

Things To Note

You may still use Picasa though Google has discontinued its support, preinstalled apps still work. Then you need to search for Picasa sync in the same section and switch it off.

Remember: as actually your photos from Google Photos folder are on Google external server, they don’t take up much free space in your phone’s memory except a little for cached thumbnails. 

So if you need a bit more space for your device, you’d better delete some local photos while keeping their copies in the cloud.

But if you just want your photos not to mess between your devices or want to hide something you have uploaded, you better turn off the automatic syncing.

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