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Reset is a procedure done in one long and one short tap usually, under ordinary circumstances. But sometimes reset requires much more than just a regular method. It happens when your phone gets stuck, can’t load at all, or can’t recover after unsuccessful reflash. The knowledge you need now is how to hard reset an Android phone.

The term “hard reset” is as old as smart gadgets are. But it has undergone a significant change of meaning. In Palm and Windows Mobile era “hard reset” meant a full deletion of all user data. Now, this kind of action is usually referred to as “factory reset,” and “hard reset” often means “forced reboot,” usually of a stuck phone. OK, instead of lexical arguments, we’ll review both.

The most common way of rebooting

There was no question how to reset an Android phone when they all had detachable batteries. All one needed to do was to disassemble the body, remove the battery, then put it back, and turn the device on.

The situation changed after Android phone vendors got bit by Apple. These copycat phones may look great and have much better protection, but when they get stuck, you may get lost.

OK, when touchscreen controls are unavailable, the only way to command is via buttons. First Android phones had no unified buttons layout. In fact, they still don’t, but now there are at least hardware lock button and volume control. Usually, you can find them on the right edge. So there’s how to reset an Android phone if it’s locked:

  • press Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously;
  • wait until the phone goes off;
  • turn it on again with Power button.

Most vendors require this method as the basic one. There’s only one major vendor who leaves a backdoor open sometimes. For how to reset LG Android phone we should be thankful to LG engineers responsible for some models like G4/G5 or V10 for providing a removable battery. Unfortunately, many other LG smartphones from low-end to flagship models can’t be reset by just extracting it. But the button method works with, for example, LG G2.

How to factory reset an Android phone

If your Android version is relatively fresh, there’s no difference between how to hard reset Samsung Android phone or any other vendor’s.

  • enter Settings;
  • enter “Backup & Reset” tab in “Personal” section;
  • create a backup copy with “Back up my data” if necessary;
  • select “Factory data reset”;
  • confirm the chosen action until it’s applied;
  • wait for your device to restart.

Congratulations! You’ve just made Android great again.

Sometimes exact names may differ, and it depends on firmware version, but the principle remains intact.

Well, but what if you can’t even load Android to reach this menu? The most common way is to load your phone in Recovery mode to access recovery center. Most vendors provide their own recovery utilities and commands to load them. So read the instructions carefully and follow the described steps thoroughly.

How to factory reset the Android phone from recovery mode? It may differ, but the words you’re looking for are “Wipe Data” or “Factory reset.” You need to wipe all user data, so you will surely remove anything personal or any system errors before selling or presenting your phone.

If there’s no valuable data in your device’s memory, you may prefer to flash new ROM — original or custom one. You can also do that from the recovery. Loof for the instructions on any individual model online. We have some advice for you:    

  • obtain an OTG flash drive or at least an adapter. When your phone system can’t load, you’ll need to get a ROM image on your phone. The simplest way is copying the image to your OTG drive and then connecting it to the phone. The drive should be FAT32-formatted;    
  • if you don’t, you may some day have to learn how to hard reset the Android phone using PC. There’s still only one general advice: be exact and precise while following the manual;
  • make sure you have copied all the data you need. The deletion is irreversible;
  • charge your phone before any procedures no matter what its condition is.

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