How To Restore Deleted iPhone Messages

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Have you ever deleted a message and regretted your decision because you needed the information in it? If this sounds familiar, this article is just what you need. Fortunately, there are some methods that may help you restore the messages that got deleted. Read on to find out how you can get back the messages on your iPhone.

Using iCloud to restore deleted messages

Retrieving deleted iPhone messages with the help of iCloud

When it comes to retrieving messages with the help of iCloud, it is possible only if your texts have been backed up, which isn’t always the case and depends on your phone operator and territory. To find out whether it is true for you and what to do next, you should:

  1. Using your password and Apple ID, log in to iCloud.
  2. Click on Text Messages, but if you don’t see this section it simply means that the messages were not backed up, and you cannot use this method to recover your messages.
  3. If you see Text Messages, simply browse through them to find the ones that you need.
  4. On you iPhone, you should go to Settings and choose iCloud.
  5. If Text Messages are turned on, you should turn them off, even though this step may seem contradictory.
  6. Once you turn them off, you will see a pop-up where you should choose “Keep on My iPhone” option.
  7. After that, turn on your Text Messages.
  8. Click “Merge.” If everything goes smoothly, the messages that you previously deleted will appear on your phone in just a few minutes.

Restoring deleted messages with iTunes

Using iTunes as an effective method of restoring messages on iPhon

If you have discovered that your messages were not backed up by iCloud, you still have another option to try. Similarly to the previous method, your messages should be backed up by a service, and in this case, it is iTunes. Unless you turned off the automatic syncing in iTunes, the backup should have been created automatically every time you decided to sync your device with your computer. To use this method, you should:

  1. Connect your phone to the computer that you want to sync it with. Once you do that, iTunes should appear automatically, or you have to open it manually.
  2. Choose your iPhone when it appears.
  3. Select the “Restore backup” option.
  4. Once you complete the mentioned steps, the data that was backed up by iTunes will appear on your iPhone in place of the data that was there. The process will take several minutes. The text messages will appear on your device as long as you haven’t backed up the information after deleting them.

Easily bring back your deleted messages

It can be incredibly frustrating to realize that you can’t find the messages that you desperately need if you have deleted them. Whether they contained an important phone number or any other piece of essential information, it’s never fun. Fortunately, you can always try the methods that we offered in this article to restore your text messages. The methods are extremely simple and work for the majority of users, but your success largely depends on the sync settings enabled on your device. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments, and we’ll get back to you. 


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