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Periscope by Twitter used to be made for here-and-now usage, for broadcasts that stay active just for 24 hours since the time, and then, like Eagle-Eye Cherry, “tomorrow I’ll be gone”. So there’s still an option of “Save Tonight” you can select to save the moment in your digital memory.

You can save both your own videos and streams other people broadcast.

How to Save Your Own Broadcasts

In fact, you don’t have to use any other apps or web services, as the video is created locally on your device and cached on it. 

When you finish your broadcasting, the video is usually deleted. But before that, you’ll be asked about it. So:

  • Finish your broadcasting;
  • When the menu appears, select “Save to Gallery” (on Android) or “Save to Camera Roll” (on iOS);
  • Make sure your video is available through Gallery or Camera Roll;
  • Share it or watch it locally like any other video you have made.

If you want to save all of your broadcasts, it would be easier for you to activate this feature by default:

  • Run the Periscope app;
  • Open People tab;
  • Select Profile icon and open your profile page;
  • Open Settings section;
  • Find “Auto-Save to Camera Roll” option and tap on it to activate it.

After that all of your videos will be saved in your local memory. If you broadcast often, the memory will be filled soon, so save your past videos to an external OTG media or to your cloud disk.

Turn on Autosave Broadcast in Other

How to Save Other People’s Broadcasts

This feature seems much more interesting, as there’s no tool for that within Periscope app. 

And as videos are by default supposed to be deleted as 24 hours expire unless the author selects to keep it forever, you’ll have no other chance to review some broadcast you have liked.

Scopedown is no mystery


But there are third-party solutions for that. Here’s where out comes the Scopedown.

  • Install the Scopedown app from App Store or Google Play;
  • Open Periscope and Scopedown apps;
  • Find the broadcast you need in Periscope;
  • Select “Share Broadcast” and then “Copy URL”;
  • Switch to Scopedown app;
  • Paste the link with a special button;
  • Start the download.

Copy URL there

The videos will be saved as .TS files. They are playable on most modern devices, including Smart TV, but if you wish, you may convert them to .MP4 files with Scopedown. If your default player doesn’t open these files, try the free MX Player.

Save Periscope videos on iOS

Scopedown is only available for Android, though there’s also a web version. On iOS, you can use Perisfind for these purposes. The usage of Perisfind is similar to the usage of Scopedown.

Still having issues? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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