How to Send Files via E-mail in iOS 9

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It’s never been easy to work with email attachments in iOS. The most common and easy way was to open the file you want to send in the corresponding application and use Share function. But this way has never been as reliable as it should and always had its limitations and issues.
The new iOS 9 finally brought this enhancement into the built-in Mail app. Now it’s supposed to have direct access to all available files via cloud file browser, so you can select the file for attaching like you do it on your PC, Mac or Android.

So how do you attach files to your letter?

First of all create a new letter. You can do it via Create button (a square icon with a pen in the right upper corner) or via email in contact’s profile.
When you have typed in the address and the subject you should long-press on the body of the message (if you use iPhone 6s you should use 3D Touch and press harder).
The pop-up menu has an “Add Attachment” option (to the right). If you use the predictive input, your keyboard has a shortcut on the right side of the prediction line.
By default this feature opens your iCloud drive so you can send files from there. A wise way: you don’t have to re-upload your files, they will be sent from your cloud directly. The way you select the file is absolutely the same as you do it on desktops/laptops.

If you have other cloud storage accounts activated on your device (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and others) they will also appear in the list. You can manually select the drives in “Manage Locations” service.
Of course it would be more pleasing to have access to your local files as well. But that’s Apple, you know.


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  • E
    6 years ago
    I like the new iOS 9.I have to send a lot of files,so the built-in Mail app is very helpful for me.
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