How To Setup Your iPhone As A Wi-Fi Hotspot

How To Setup Your iPhone As A Wi-Fi Hotspot on Freepps Top Blog

Sometimes it just happens so that you need to share your Internet connection to external devices. It may be your laptop or a tablet, a friend’s phone with a maxed out data plan or any other device. 

Most today’s smartphones can share 3G or 4G Internet connection via Wi-Fi and certainly, iPhones are no exception. 

If you're planning to travel a lot and use your iPad, you won’t have to buy one with 4G module and fork out extra cash -  you’ll do just fine with a cheaper Wi-Fi version.

Bring It On

OK, let us suppose that you have already updated your iOS to the latest version. Then using your iPhone as a hotspot is easy and requires no additional apps or tweaks.

The complete instruction

The sequence is easy:

  1. Just open your Settings section by tapping the icon with a cog. 
  2. Find the Cellular section.
  3. Activate the “Personal Hotspot” option there. 

From the moment the switch turns green, your Internet connection will be available via Wi-Fi.

Deeper in the same section you can set up the password. Then you’ll have to enter this password on another device you want to connect via your iPhone.

It’s even easier when you use devices from Apple's ecosystem. There is an Instant Hotspot feature useful for automatic connection without entering your password each time. The only thing you need to make sure is the same iCloud account on your iPhone, iPad and/or Mac.

The quickest connection

In some earlier iOS versions, the Personal Hotspot can be found in General section. You can manage it exactly the same way you do it in iOS 9.

Remember: your iPhone can’t be connected to another Wi-Fi network while sharing over Wi-Fi. Maybe later editions will be able to work as Wi-Fi repeaters, but, alas, not yet. 

You can only share your cellular Internet connection and make sure your cellular provider supports the hotspot feature.

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  • k
    5 years ago
    Thanks for the article! I've heard about it but I've never used that option, because I was too lazy to figure out how to do it)) Actually that's very simple!
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