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Music fans with new devices always feel a bit frustrated about limited capacity in some of the later iPhone models, as there's now a gap between the 16GB and the 64GB models.

The former ones make up a noticeable percentage of the whole market. It’s physically impossible to fit all the music you like into those 16 GB, especially after part of those gigabytes is already taken by OS and apps.

Well, there is always streaming… Wait, not always. Sometimes you’re out of connection, and if it happens often, the word “streaming” becomes an evil teaser. There must be a compromise between cloud and local storage. And here it is, named Jukebox.

Do you have a Dropbox account? It’s easy to acquire by simply registering at the website. Maybe you’re lucky enough to receive some free space as you buy the phone. And even if your luck is far from that, there are tricks that still enlarge your free storage up to 16 GB or even more.

My Not-So-Sweet 16

That exceeds the memory of 16 GB phone and lets you update your music library on the phone. But even if you have less space on your Dropbox account, you can still use it as a cloud drive, and it becomes comfortable like never before with Jukebox.

Jukebox appJukebox app

Start with uploading your music library to Dropbox. You can do it via Dropbox app or web interface with simple drag-and-drop. When you have all your favorite tracks in the cloud, you can start the app on your iPhone. There’s no iPad version yet, so you’ll have to put up with expanded iPhone interface.  When searching for it in the AppStore don’t forget to select “iPhone Only” in search options.

After you have installed the app you’ll have to enter your Dropbox credentials, and the app scans your folders and detects all audio files. Then you have the option to download all of them or just some. After you have downloaded your collection you can start listening to those tracks right in the app.

No, Jukebox cannot sync them to iTunes musical library. And there’s no need to. The app has an internal music player that brings you a rather decent sound and has an easy appearance. 

With this app, you can:

  • Create playlists;
  • Sort tracks by artist;
  • By album;
  • By name;
  • Search in Settings;
  • Use the random mode button.

And yet, the app is much less functional than iTunes. For example, it doesn’t even support headset controlling. We have tested it with the original Apple Earpods and with compatible LG Quad Beat 2. Both headsets worked perfectly with iTunes but refused to control Jukebox

But still, it’s a good way of syncing your musical library without iTunes. Don’t forget that Jukebox is completely free and it has no ads.

The app requires iOS 9.2, so if you have been resisting the update for some reason, you’ll have to, anyway. And we think Jukebox is a good reason to.

What are your thoughts about the app? Share them in the comments!

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