How to Transfer Audio Files from One iPhone to Another

How to Transfer Audio Files from One iPhone to Another on Freepps Top Blog

The iPhone is a perfect device for listening to music whenever you want, but a lot of users may still not know how to transfer their audio files from one device to another. Whether you have two phones or you have just bought a new one, you can easily transfer your music following the recommendations provided below. 

Listen to your music on another iPhone with the help of Home Sharing

Music settings on the iPhone

Sometimes all you want to do is play the music from one iPhone on another without saving the audio files on a second device. For this purpose, the best option is to use Home Sharing. Simply follow the steps to use the feature:

  1. Open the Settings on the iPhone that has audio files and choose Music.
  2. Find Home Sharing on the list.
  3. Enter your Password, Apple ID, and press Done.
  4. Go through the same process on the iPhone that you will use to listen to music.
  5. One the iPhone that will play the music, you should open the Music app.

If you use Apple Music on your device you have to:

  1. Tap My Music and choose Songs or Albums depending on your library organization.
  2. Select Home Sharing.

Those who do not use Apple Music, have to tap More > Shared and choose the Library to play audio files.
The music library will be loaded into the second iPhone in several minutes, but with the help of this method, you cannot copy the music from one device to another permanently. Moreover, it will only work if both phones use the same Wi-Fi network.

Use iTunes Store to transfer the audio files

Transferring audio files purchased on iTunes from one device to another

When it comes to actual transferring of the music from one phone to another, using iTunes Store is the easiest solution. But, this method will only work for the music purchased through iTunes. All you should do to download your music to another device is:

  1. Open iTunes Store application on your iPhone.
  2. Tap More and select Purchased.
  3. In the Purchased, tap Music, and then All Songs.
  4. Once you do that, simply tap Download All.

This process ensures that all the purchased music files from iTunes Store are downloaded to your device. Depending on how many songs you have and the speed of your Internet, the download time will be different.

Use Apple Music to download music files from one device to another

Apple Music is a service popular among the owners of iOS devices, which allows you to listen to numerous songs for a monthly payment. Despite its popularity, a lot of users do not know that every audio file that you add to your music collection is stored in iCloud, and you can download it at any moment. What you should do to transfer your music to a new device is:

  1. Open Settings and tap Music on the iPhone to which you want to transfer your music.
  2. Toggle on iCloud Music Library and Show Apple Music. You need decent Wi-Fi connection to do this.

At this point, your iCloud Music Library should start downloading to the iPhone. Similar to the previous solutions, the download time largely depends on the quality of your Internet connection.

Enjoy your favorite music on any iPhone

The mentioned methods are extremely easy to follow, and all you should do is make sure your Internet connection is decent. Now, you can listen to your favorite music on your brand new iPhone or if you have more than one device.

If you get any questions regarding the steps, leave them in the comments. 


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