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Ages ago, there were no other means of transferring music to your Android phone aside from USB cables and painfully slow Bluetooth. 

Luckily, today you can skip the tangled net of cables and ports with apps that make transferring way faster.

Let's look into some of them.



AirDroid is a simple yet useful app that lets you transfer music, photos, and videos from your PC or Mac.

With AirDroid installed, the steps you need to take are pretty straightforward. Whether with or without an account, you'll need to connect your PC and your phone on the same wireless network (although with an active account you can skip this step).

Then, open the app on your Android device and open the web interface for AirDroid on your computer. To avoid entering data manually, just scan a QR code you'll be prompted with.

With a little more meddling that you may have inflicted on your device, namely rooting it you can even mirror your Android screen on your laptop's one. 

Once connected, just drag and drop the music files you want into the folder and they'll be copied in a blink of an eye.

No need to eject the device properly and roll the cable up.



With Portal, transferring files using your local WiFi is as easy as it gets. Unlike AirDroid, there's no 100MB file limit so you can transfer bigger files and won't have to sort your file folders - a dreadful task, really.

If you already have the app on your device, open the website and scan the QR code with your phone.


You'll see the folders on your phone and the interface will let you copy the files with a simple drag and drop. If you're using Chrome, the app will also let you download the folders you need.

There's also great news for users who have SD cards in their devices. Portal lets you send files directly to your SD card folders with a simple toggle in Settings> Save files to. You can also change the default folders for other types of files. A word of warning: due to security concerns, we do not recommend to transfer files with Portal using free public WiFi. Exercise caution and use trusted networks or your home's wireless. 

Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive lets you transfer music files effortlessly. You don't have to create a separate account, you can skip the scanning part altogether. 

Wherever you go, your files will always be with you. To manage them, install the app to your device, and either open the website or download Drive for PC. Using the browser version is easier as you don't have to wait and can do it on any PC you want, which is extremely handy if you're abroad.

Just drag and drop the files you need to copy onto your Android, and after the app is synced you're ready to use them. Open the folder you've downloaded and tap the I button in the right corner of the file's icon, and you'll be presented with file management choices. Choose "Download" and the files will then be copied to your device.

Google Drive options

Keep in mind that it's best to perform this when you're connected to a wireless network to avoid extra charges for data you've used.

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