How To Turn iOS In-App Purchases Off

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You should definitely remember this - a news about a seven-year-old boy, who spent almost $6,000 playing iOS games on his father’s iPad. It’s terrifying, isn’t it? He just wasn’t aware of spending real money from the credit card, which has become an integral part of this mobile platform due to Apple Pay. So, let’s see what every user can do to prevent similar incidents.

First of all, remember that today in-app purchases are included almost in every application or game you may find at the App Store. And it doesn’t matter that you buy only virtual goods because you pay real money for them sometimes even large sums of money. So, you should resist the temptation and make some precautions. 

Enable Restrictions

Enabling In-App Purchases Screenshots

In case you haven’t a notion about such an opportunity, we advise you to block even the accidental in-app purchases. For doing this, follow this way: 

  1. Open your device’s Settings
  2. General
  3. Restrictions 
  4. Enable Restrictions.
  5. Create and fill in a password. 

Now all the restrictions are active. Find “In-App Purchases” and make sure that this position is turned on. Other not relevant positions may be turned off by you manually. 

This means that from this very moment anyone playing with your iPhone have to enter this password, if he or she wants to buy something from the in-app store or iTunes. 

Disable Purchases and Downloads

This method is complete and includes the same steps as for enabling restrictions for in-app purchases, but it also includes disabling any possible money-requiring services, such as iTunes Store, iBooks Store, and Installing Apps. 

Remove Apple ID Payment Info

Apple ID Payment Settings

One more method includes deletion of your payment info to prevent purchases. The necessary steps are as follows:

  • Tap “Settings” - iTunes and App Store - Apple ID - View Apple ID (+ sign in, if needed).
  • Choose “Payment Information” and then either change or remove it via selecting the “None” option. 
  • Note: You won’t see the “None” option, if you have an unpaid balance or an automatically renewing subscription, if you are just creating your account for the first time ever, or if you’re a part of Family Sharing. This restriction will disappear after you cope with a situation.
  • Press “Done”.

Manage Monthly Allowance and iTunes Gifts for Your Kid

iTunes Gift Sending Process

This way is for 13+ year olds or for those who are not even 13 but have their personal Apple ID account for Students program. Anytime you want, you may send your child an iTunes Gift in a form of a money sum between $10 and $100, which may be spent for anything he likes within the Store. 

Setting up of iTunes Allowance

You may also set the monthly allowance that will be sent automatically to your kid’s account every month. Before that you’ll need to enter your and your recipient's names, the sum of money ($10-50), the first installment schedule, the recipient's Apple ID, and a personal note (optional). Later on, you’ll be able to view, change, or cancel it any time. 

The Bottom Line

Choose the method that suits you best and you won’t get a terrifying bill for in-app purchases, which were unnecessary or done by an accident. Don’t forget that you can always change the settings and re-enable the purchases.

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