How to Update Contact Pictures on Your iPhone

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If your phone book is filled with hundreds of numbers, it’s always a good idea to attach photos to contacts so that you don’t forget who is who. It’s quite convenient to see a photo of a person that’s calling and recognize them immediately, which is especially great if you occasionally talk to people that you don’t know very well. In this article, we offer you several methods that you can use to update the contact photos on your iPhone – either manually or using social media platforms (Twitter and Facebook).

Twitter and Facebook can be synchronized with your iPhone, and you can also sign in to these apps by going to the Settings menu. Such opportunity allows you to access the information, including photos, shared by your friends and acquaintances on their profiles. However, this approach may not be suitable for those people who want to have more privacy when it comes to their use of iPhones. 

How to manually update contact photos on your device

The process of changing the contact photos on your iOS device is quite simple, so you shouldn’t encounter any problems if you carefully follow the steps mentioned in this tutorial. To change a contact photo manually by taking one yourself or finding an existing photo, you should:

  1. Open Contacts and select those that you want to update.
  2. Tap Edit, which can be found in the right-hand corner.
  3. Choose Edit, which is located under a photo.
  4. In a menu that appears, you are able to select Take/Choose/Edit or Delete Photo.

Manual changing of the contacts photos on iPhone

All you have to do now is select which one of the options is appropriate for you and you are able to update a contact photo.

How to update contact photos using Facebook

Another method that you may try if you don’t want to change the photos manually is using synchronization with Facebook. You should remember that this method will only be useful to update the photos of friends who also have Facebook accounts. To update the photos and usernames automatically you have to:

  1. Go to the Settings on your phone.
  2. Browse through the list of social media platforms and choose Facebook.

The list of social media platforms to choose from on your iPhone

  1. Ensure that the toggle is switched on and allow the application to use your account.
  2. Click Update All Contacts, and the usernames and photos will be updated automatically.

Updating all contacts at once with the help of Facebook

When you give the app permission to update your contacts, the app is temporarily provided with the phone numbers and emails from your contacts list in order to update usernames and photos. You have an option to prohibit the app from accessing your contacts by finding Facebook in the Settings and switching the toggle off.

How to update contact photos using Twitter

Besides Facebook, Twitter is another social media platform that can be used for this purpose. Similarly to Facebook, if you want to sync your contacts photos and usernames automatically you should:

  1. Go to your iPhone Settings.
  2. Open Twitter.
  3. Tap Update Contacts.

Twitter as an option to update the photos available in your contacts list

Just like with Facebook, you have an option of preventing Twitter from accessing your account if you turn off the toggle at the bottom. 

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