How To Use Google Docs Offline On iOS And Android

How To Use Google Docs Offline On iOS And Android on Freepps Top Blog

Since Google has launched its Documents service, there should be a very special reason to prefer Office365 or other paid services. The most noticeable stepping stone (excluding security reasons, of course) was a problem with offline editing that stopped many of us from switching to Google’s cloud office.

Yes, there are reasons why we need an offline editing option. Sometimes we’re traveling in some distant areas with no network available. And sometimes we edit our docs several times and we don’t want our drafts available before we willingly share them.

But there are ways to edit your documents offline with Google free tools. So your phone or tablet can be used as a standalone tool like our PCs mostly were back in the 1990s

How to Make a Google Document Available Offline

The actions you need to take are common on both OS. The tool you need is your Google Drive app. Due to obvious reasons, offline storing can only be applied to documents you select manually.

Take the following steps to make your documents accessible offline:

  1. Make sure your device is online
  2. Open your Google Drive app, log in if necessary
  3. Open the documents folder
  4. Select the document you need access to and tap its menu sandwich (three-dot button)
  5. Scroll the menu down and find “Available offline” option
  6. Activate it
  7. Repeat the steps 4-6 for all the documents you need to have always available

Google Drive Offline

After you take these steps, the docs will be downloaded and available through your Google Drive app or Google Docs apps. You can edit them both online and offline. The changes will be synced to the cloud copy as soon as you connect to the Internet. As the syncing is done automatically, you won't have to take any actions for that.

We tried this method on Android and iOS devices and noticed no significant difference. Yes, these files will only be editable in Google Docs apps, but that’s why you need these, right?

With this trick applied, Google Docs can replace your other office suites completely, unless you need to create docs different from these three basic types (documents, spreadsheets and presentations) or some advanced functions not supported by Google.

Remember: documents stored offline require space in your phone’s memory. That’s why this option is turned off by default. If you keep many large files offline, it may affect your device’s productivity.

Still have your doubts or questions? Feel free to aske them in the comments below!

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