How to Use iCloud on iOS Devices

How to Use iCloud on iOS Devices on Freepps Top Blog

The iCloud is a highly popular service on iOS devices and beyond, allowing users to back up their data, store it virtually, and restore it in case it ever gets lost. As long as you have an Apple ID, you can use iCloud and access gigabytes of free remote storage. If you are new to iCloud or simply haven’t fully figured out how to use it, this guide should provide adequate assistance.

Step 1: Make sure your device software is up-to-date

iCloud works best on devices with the latest version of iOS, so updating your phone or tablet will let you access all features efficiently. To see if your device is updated, go to Settings, tap General, and then Software Update. If a newer version of iOS is available for your device, you will see an option to download it and install. After selecting this option, you should wait for the process to complete before moving on to the next step.

Step 2: Enable iCloud

Enabling iCloud from the Settings menu

iCloud is a built-in feature in modern iOS devices, but it is not automatic. Enabling it is easy enough, though. You just have to navigate to Settings and find the iCloud service listed in the menu on the left. After tapping this option, you should see your basic Apple Account information, or a form for entering an Apple ID and password. If you see this form, you should enter your Sign-in details, and tap on the option Get a Free Apple ID if you have yet to make an account or need a new one. Upon entering your account info, you will enable iCloud.

Step 3: Customize your back-ups and sync

Signing in will bring you to a new screen, with many different iOS apps and services, along with toggles to the right of their names. By switching toggles to green (tapping so the circular toggle moves to the right), you can enable synchronization of iCloud with these services. Alternatively, you can move the toggle to the left to disable synchronization with specific services. Some services will offer more synchronizing options than others will, and you can discover them by experimenting in this menu.

Step 4: Choose the storage option you like

Purchasing additional storage through iCloud

By registering an Apple account, users are provided with 5GB of virtual storage space. For many people, this amount is more than enough to cover their needs, but millions of people use up this storage, and there are special options they can get. To be specific, large amounts of remote storage can be purchased via the iCloud service. In the iCloud menu, you can select Storage and look through all the options available. If you select a volume you like, tap Buy and go through the process, you will have a lot more storage to work with.

The iCloud service is quite intuitive, but some possibilities and aspects of it can be easy to miss or misunderstand. We hope this guide has cleared up any questions you may have, but feel free to leave comments if you want to hear more from us. 

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