How to Use WhatScan to Enhance Your WhatsApp Experience

How to Use WhatScan to Enhance Your WhatsApp Experience on Freepps Top Blog

Pushing the limits

WhatsApp has firmly taken its place among the leading mobile services, but even with all its pros there’s always something to improve. Services like WhatsApp are not self-sufficient anymore, they are rather a platform to build more features upon.

Abbas El Bourji, the developer of WhatScan, hardly meant that much while creating this app. His goal was to make an intercommunication between two or more of your devices easier with the same WhatsApp account. And that’s what the app does.

The word “scan” means that the app uses QR code scanning. If you have ever used WhatsApp extension for Chrome, you know how to use WhatScan for getting connected.

How to use WhatScan

Captain Obvious to the rescue: you need to make sure you have WhatsApp on the second device. Then install Whatscan for WhatsApp on the smartphone or tablet you want to connect and run it. Pick a language and go to the initial screen.

A brief instruction tells you how to activate WhatsApp on your device.

  1. WhatScan generates and displays a QR code;
  2. You need to run WhatsApp on the second smartphone/tablet and scan the QR code by tapping Menu - WhatsApp Web;
  3. As soon as you target your camera to recognize the code, WhatsApp is activated on your new device automatically;
  4. Now you can run the same account on both mobile devices. Your contacts list, your messages, calls log and user profile are imported from the cloud and available from any of the devices.

But that’s not the limit of the app’s functionality. WhatScan is also an available proxy app that runs on officially unsupported hardware. It’s a shell for WhatsApp core with some extra features, like protection with a password or graphic key.

Another use you can make of WhatScan is having two WhatsApp accounts on the same device, both with the official app and with WhatScan.

That’s what the app does, but how does it do it?

Usability and experience

The WhatScan's primary function is the ability to send messages to your WhatsApp contacts. Voice calls are not available yet, though you can send voice messages, video files, and pictures. 

As you send or receive new messages on the second device, they automatically display in WhatScan — the sync is virtually instant.

The most irritating thing about WhatScan is (no surprise) ads. They’re everywhere: ads pop up, ads show below and above. It’s even there when you type the text, leaving as little space for typing that it might be taken as an insult. The ad-free version can be purchased for $4.99 but getting rid of ads won’t solve all of your problems.

Your contacts list is not easily accessible. Though the menu shows the list in the left part of the screen, tapping on it leads to nothing. 

Last but not least

WhatScan is not an official WhatsApp extension, and its developer is not affiliated with the official WhatsApp team. If you don’t trust third-party solutions with your private data, you may think twice before downloading WhatScan. However, if you are free from these fears, give WhatScan a go.

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  • SA
    Syful Alluwie
    3 years ago
    Hello. How can i know someone is tracking me using Whatscan? Any indicater available?
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