How We Feel versus COVID-19: Pinterest CEO and Scientists Unite

How We Feel versus COVID-19: Pinterest CEO and Scientists Unite on Freepps Top Blog

It’s more than curiosity if you want to see the pandemic unfold in real time. It’s about estimating how dangerous it is for you and those you care about. Finally, the truth can help you take the correct measures. How We Feel is not the first app for tracking COVID-19 all over the world, but probably the most competent.

There is a serious team behind How We Feel. Partly it’s funded and developed by Ben Silbermann, a CEO and co-founder of Pinterest. That means money and awareness of how social media work. Another prominent contributor is Dr. Feng Zhang of MIT/Harvard Broad Institute, along with many more scientists. Together they have created the free app that lets anyone report their state of health to the world.

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The app has a built-in questionnaire that makes the information it provides credible. In it, one has to answer whether they have been tested for COVID-19, the result if yes, the self-isolation status and its duration. The app is made as easy as possible quite on purpose. Scientific research would have required more data, but users wouldn’t provide it that easy. The current app is well balanced, and – it does matter – it collects no private data. It’s available for iOS and Android, and its daily test takes less than a minute.

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