Hub Keyboard Now Available For iOS Devices

Hub Keyboard Now Available For iOS Devices on Freepps Top Blog

Microsoft’s Garage group has finally released the Hub Keyboard app for iOS devices.

This application, which became available for Android in February, is extremely useful in case you don’t want to waste your time switching between apps. The majority of users agree that it is a much-needed application that can save some time and effort.

Hub KeyboardHub Keyboard

How can Hub Keyboard be useful to you?

With the help of Hub Keyboard, you can easily find and share the documents and contact information, translate the texts, and also, copy and paste various items. All the mentioned tasks are integrated into the Hub Keyboard app, and you can easily access them in any application that requires a keyboard.

All you should do is tap on the icon which can be found on top of your keyboard and then grab the necessary information located elsewhere on your device. The app is available for free in, but if you want to use all the valuable functions of Hub Keyboard, you have to enable full access in the settings of your iPhone.

What are your thoughts on the Hub Keyboard app? Do you plan to install it and try for yourself?

Feel free to share your opinion on this recent addition to our catalog in the comments!

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  • ti
    this is not a guest
    5 years ago
    I have been waited this hub-keyboard for years! And at last here it is! It was so boring and took a lot of time switching between apps. I really need it for saving my lifetime.
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