​Review: Try Imo Free Video Calls and Chat as an Alternative Messenger

​Review: Try Imo Free Video Calls and Chat as an Alternative Messenger on Freepps Top Blog
A great part of IT developers’ work is concentrated on making the communication process even easier and more pleasant. The reason is quite clear: unfortunately, we don’t often have such an opportunity to meet and to talk with our dearest ones in person. That is where the communication in distance enters the game. 

There's plenty of various services with different operating principles for this task fulfillment. A part of them satisfies a need for speaking with friends and relatives; one more part allows sharing photo and video files with them; others are responsible for text messages sending only, etc. Still, sometimes it happens so that all the opportunities meet in one point, namely in an instant messenger. Let’s examine one of them – a mobile application called Imo Free Video Calls and Chat.

How to Start?

It takes only few minutes to register an account after downloading the app from Google Play. You’ll need to enter your phone number first to get a verification code. The latter will be checked and accepted automatically without your direct interference. Then, entering your name and age will be also required. And that’s it. Now you are ready for active communication.
Moreover, you’ll be offered a short manual with the explanations of the basic features and opportunities. 
Free Calls and Video Calls Are Available


There is an opportunity to create a chat for multiple participants. It is rather handy in a number of situations and helps economize time and efforts greatly. So, one can either start a new group chat and invite others or join the already existing one. 
The app provides users with unlimited and free of charge SMS and calls/video calls which are possible via 3G/4G/Wi-Fi technologies support. 
Both sound and picture during a call/a video call are of good quality. The app may even compete with Skype for the dominance in a real-time video calling.
For your comfort, the contacts which aren’t currently online will be displayed at the very end of the contact list, while those with the online status are to be shown first. 
Share Various Content with Multiple Users


However, every medal has its reverse. This also applies to the messenger we’re talking about. The idea is you can’t communicate with anyone without Imo Free Video Calls and Chat installed on their smartphones. And this is a real problem because it’s not an easy task to persuade the majority of your friends and relatives to stop using a messenger they like in favor of the one of your personal choices. 
Furthermore, like any Internet-dependent application, this messenger won’t provide you with any service, if you happen to find yourselves in an area without connection. 
One more thing that irritates much is a trick being performed after launching the app. You tap on the icon to open the messenger; one more wrong and hasty tap leads to the situation when all your friends receive an invitation to join you in the app. Actually, all of them – your boss, your ex, and so on. 


The app is characterized by a clean design and a user-friendly interface. It’s very simple and intuitive that eliminates the need to explore all the options and function for sorting out everything. 
In fact, you won’t find many options or sections there – only Chats, Contacts, and Settings.
In the first of them – Chats – one may either invite friends or start a new dialog. 
In Contacts you’ll find all your friends who have installed the app. Tapping on any of them opens a context menu for actions: to call, to start a video call, or to write a message. Stickers, photos, and handwritten drawings may be attached to the chat.
The Settings part contains options for changing a profile photo, viewing the blocked contacts, deleting a chat history, getting notifications, etc.

Security Issues

Very often people share some personal information, photos, or other content of private character. In this situation, the messages safety comes to the forefront. The app does keep your data safe due to the reliable encryption of all the calls and messages shared - at least, developers assure us about this.

Final Verdict

In general, Imo Free Video Calls and Chat is not a bad application for your Android device. Neither can we call it an amazing or brilliant one. It just exists and has its own – not numerous albeit loyal – audience. It’s stable, lightweight, and battery-friendly. Still, if you’re pretty happy with your WhatsApp, Hangouts, Viber, or any other messenger, there’s no point in switching to this one without a serious reason.

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    5 years ago
    It's quite similar to Skype. I've been using it for about two weeks and it is a really good app for calls and chatting, all in one!
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    5 years ago
    A solid app. Beautiful modest design and blazing speeds. I like it.
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    6 years ago
    Most people today communicate via video calls, and IMO is really good at placing them
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