Inbox Introduces In-App Trip Sharing

Inbox Introduces In-App Trip Sharing on Freepps Top Blog
Last winter Google has released Inbox by Gmail, a client which changed the way we’ve been navigating through the piles of our emails a lot. This week, just in time for the Christmas and New Year holidays Google is releasing a new update for Inbox, which broadens the functionality of the popular Trip Bundles.

Now you can also share your trips with your friends easily, which is far more interesting and exciting than a simple automatic grouping of your trip messages together. Thanks to the Trip Bundles we’ve got an opportunity to automatically store all the information about our journeys in one place. There is no need now to navigate through all this bunch of work and personal emails in order to find tickets reservation or hotel’s booking.

So this week Google has gone further to satisfy the users of their services. Now we are able to share our trip information and highlights with our friends and family. In a one tap, you can connect with anybody you want to share your trip information. Now your family can track your travels and be aware of your adventures.

Even that Trip Bundles tries to group all the messages concerning your trip it still might miss some of them. After your application update, you will get an opportunity to add messages into the bundle. Thus, you will be sure about the easy access to the entire amount of data.

As for the images sharing, there is no need to go to your image gallery to search for a photo you want to send. The latest update offers us an image carousel which contains all the photos that you’ve taken recently. It even gives us the possibility to take a photo from within the message so you can share your highlights instantly.

We are straining at the leash to explore this Google Inbox update and to make it a part of our travel lives.

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    5 years ago
    Was waiting for an updated app for Inbox. Have already downloaded it and turned out really satisfied with. Simple design, lots of functions and pretty easy to use!
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