InstaAgent Supposedly Malware, Pulled From App Store (UPDATED)

 InstaAgent Supposedly Malware, Pulled From App Store (UPDATED) on Freepps Top Blog

InstaAgent, a tremendously popular app that offered you an option of discovering people who viewed your photos on Instagram, is said to be something of a data mining app that harvests users' passwords and usernames. 

The latest incursion into InstaAgent's code by Twitter users exposed that user data was being sent to a separate server that has nothing to do with actual Instagram, and in some cases this would lead to posting photos you didn't authorize to your feed.

Before Apple pulled InstaAgent from the App Store, it was up high in free apps' charts in countries like UK and Canada, which might have lead to thousands of users' who had their personal data exposed and their security lost. The speculated number of affected users is around 500,000 as this is the approximate number of InstaAgent's downloads. 

With InstaAgent taken off the shelves, a host of similar apps are being paid attention to by Apple, most of them brandishing titles like "Who Viewed My Profile" and "Instagram Stats". In a statement, Instagram warned users that using aforementioned third-party apps in any way may expose your private information. 

What raises a lot of unanswered questions is not only how InstaAgent made it to the App Store but how it managed to stay high in charts for so long without being looked into. 

We advise you to exercise caution and stay away from gimmicky apps like InstaAgent.

UPDATED: InstaAgent has been taken disabled by Google as well, similar apps are being investigatigated.

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  • h
    2 years ago
    Willy wonka? Heisenberg? Walter White? stealing data is no good
  • h
    2 years ago
    I felt there was something fishy about this app. Well deserved I say
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