Instagram and WhatsApp to Get Rebranded by Facebook

Instagram and WhatsApp to Get Rebranded by Facebook on Freepps Top Blog

Want to find out just how controlling can FB be towards Instagram and WhatsApp? Read on to satisfy your thirst for some juicy app-themed news. If imposing more power over both apps by introducing Facebook management hasn't been satisfying enough, today the power-hungry social media behemoth is planning to update their titles with the modest ‘from Facebook’ addition. As a result, Instagram is going to get rebranded into ‘Instagram from Facebook’, and WhatsApp is going to become ‘WhatsApp from Facebook’.

The rebranding news was brought to light by the Information reports in early August, and eventually confirmed by the Facebook managers. By launching their rebranding effort, the FB management intends to connect all three apps together and i.e. be as clear as possible about the ownership of InstagSocial media vector imageram and WhatsApp. When it comes to Mark Zuckerberg, he has already shared his ideas on the joined messaging framework between the app trio.

The updated titles will show up in Android’s Google Play and Apple’s App Store. On your smartphone/tablet screen, the brand names of the two Facebook-owned apps will stay unchanged — for the time being. It’s possible that you’ll notice the ‘from Facebook’ part during the launch of both WhatsApp and Instagram.


A similar rebranding practice has already been implemented by FB with its application designed for keeping contact around offices, which is now referred to as ‘Workplace from Facebook’. Furthermore, a Facebook-owned VR app Oculus follows the same branding pattern. You’ll be surprised, but even Instagram owns an application with a similar title: ‘Boomerang from Instagram’. That’s what we call better ownership disclosure...or the outburst of power and superiority.

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp: United Yet Divided

A certain degree of splitting from the social network titan, however subtle, has been obvious lately. As Facebook has lost its popularity with the Gen Zers and millennials, both WhatsApp and Instagram have skyrocketed. The tying of the controlling loop over the two apps takes place just as Facebook’s allegedly suspicious purchase history is being thoroughly examined by the Federal Trade Commission.

Yep, as a matter of fact, The Wall Street Journal reports that the FTC entity has been investigating whether Facebook’s multiple purchases have been made for the purpose of smashing the rivals. Now, following the social media power player’s recent rebranding effort, the duo of the corporation’s most massive acquisitions — Instagram and WhatsApp — will have the Facebook label printed right onto their logos.

Facebook: What’s in a Name?

Cutting to the chase, Facebook won’t gain much by stamping its name on the WhatsApp and Instagram applications. Facebook is already a household title, and one that is often related to some privacy scandals, as a matter of fact. Therefore, printing ‘from Facebook’ next to the two aforementioned app names will hardly ever boost their popularity. On the contrary, this slightly counter-logical rebranding effort could possibly make the app fans start worrying about the security and privacy of those rebranded platforms.

Facebook has yet to reveal when the title changes will be put to practice. The Freepps team will keep tabs on the updates regarding this topic, letting you know about what’s new on a regular basis. So, what about your opinion on the whole rebranding thing? Do you find it reasonable in the light of Facebook privacy scandals and the FTC investigation? Why? We’re eagerly awaiting your thoughts on this topic. Feel free to share them with us in the comment box below. Bookmark our website to keep track of further app-related news and updates.

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