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Being afraid of missing an awesome show or sports match is something that we all feel from time to time, which is why Instagram decided to introduce a new feature that will make you feel more connected to all the events taking place in the world. Currently, the feature is available only to people living in the Unites States, but we can expect it to roll out to other users in the nearest future.

What is the Live Events feature?

New Live Events feature available in Instagram

Live streaming is quickly becoming a staple among all social media platforms, which is not surprising as it allows you to experience various events in real time. We have already got used to the live streams provided by Facebook, allowing us to watch various events, such as the recent Lollapalooza festival, from the comfort of our homes and without paying a cent. It’s only natural that Instagram doesn’t want to be an exception in this world of live videos.

Users living in the United States are the first ones to experience the so-called event channels that can be found in the Explore tab of Instagram. According to Instagram, the application will bring together all the most prominent events from across the world to the new channels, thus giving you an opportunity to feel part of the concert or sporting event wherever you are. Just as the Explore page brings you the images according to your interests, the choice of the events will also be personalized. The main goal of the new feature is to get a sense of being at the event, even if the quality of video or audio might not be perfect all the time. After all, the live streams will be filmed by real users of Instagram.   

Have you already used the new feature? What is your first impression? Let us know what you think in the comments!  

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