Instagram Introduces New Stories Feature

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With the number of social media platforms that we already have, there bound to be a level of competition to get the most active users, which is why developers continue to add more interesting features to cover everything a user could possibly need. If you updated your Instagram, you probably already noticed the brand new Stories feature, which looks suspiciously similar to another popular application – Snapchat.

How can you use the new Instagram feature?

New Stories feature in the Instagram update

The Stories feature that you are now able to use on Instagram allows you to create moments in the format of a slideshow that can be viewed by the users for the period of 24 hours before they disappear. If you’re a user of Snapchat, this entire concept is not anything new to you. A lot of users on Instagram have already expressed their opinion on the update, but most of them are still confused about the similarity between the two platforms.

According to the designers of Instagram, the idea behind the update is to help you avoid overposting. Now you get a chance to combine all the random content that you don’t want to have on your page permanently into a single story, and it will get deleted automatically after some time.

Also, the similarities between Snapchat and Instagram don’t end there, as you also get an opportunity to add stickers, text, and drawings to the photos. At this point, Snapchat still offers more diversity when it comes to the editing options, so it’s unlikely that active users of Snapchat will all of a sudden forget about the existence of their favorite app.

What are your thoughts on the new addition to Instagram? If you already have both apps, will you continue using Snapchat? Feel free to share your opinion regarding this update in the comments below. 

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