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Instagram Introducing Longer Videos on Freepps Top Blog

Instagram continues to surprise the users with its updates. A lot of people are still dissatisfied with the introduction of the new algorithm feed, which means that the posts no longer appear in the chronological order as they did previously. 

On a different note, Instagram offers a new feature that the majority of users may actually like. In the post on the official Instagram blog, the company has announced the introduction of improved video support, which means that you will be able to record videos of up to 60 seconds in length .

What is the reason for the update?

While previously the users had up to 15 seconds to express themselves in the video form, minute-long videos will definitely feel like a considerable improvement. According to Instagram, there has been an increase in the video engagement in the last six months, so it means that people will appreciate the opportunity to film longer videos. 

At the same time, some argue that shorter videos encouraged people to approach them creatively because of the time limit, and the change is unnecessary. This update is a part of the year-long initiative to revamp the famous application, so we can certainly expect other changes in the near future.

The update is now live for both Android and iOS and you can get it on our site.

What is your opinion on the latest Instagram updates? Do you prefer longer or shorter videos? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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  • se
    stealthy elephant
    5 years ago
    An interesting innovation, now, many are addicted to video it's even better than the photo. The information becomes more interesting due to its dynamism.
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  • k
    5 years ago
    This improvemetnt is a good one, for the ordinary users, though that's a gold mine for those who advitise too. Hate them!
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