Instagram Rolls Out Non-Chrono Feeds

Instagram Rolls Out Non-Chrono Feeds on Freepps Top Blog

The convergence on Facebook and Instagram was inevitable, and we're here to witness the two amalgamating into one.

A few months ago, Instagram declared their intention to forego the usual chronological order used for home feeds. Instead, the new feed would look similar to Facebook's News Feed, with pictures randomized to suit your imaginary preferences. The ones you're supposed to like the most are to be on top, even if you don't really want it. 

And now this day is upon us.

The introduced changes are intended to stay with us for a significant amount of time - most likely, forever. Some users are already reporting the new feed being rolled out, and nobody seems to be too happy about it.

Share and comment your best photo

Some may argue that the change makes sense. With ever-growing amount of users in general and followed in particular, scrolling for that great image takes more and more time. The feeds are getting overloaded, and less attention is paid to quality images.

The stats on the Instagram side say that 70 percent of everyone's feeds are not even looked at, so they're set to make you see posts from people you care about. Pro tip: unfollow the people you don't care about.

Some say that most posts will be "roughly" in order, but hey, it's 2016 and "roughly" just doesn't cut it anymore. If you want to see posts from your friends alone, it's worth removing everyone but your friends from your feed. 

Make your photo even better before sharing

Instagram's been paving the way for this change for some time now, with the timestamp mark moved to the bottom of the comments. Apparently, this was done in hopes that users won't pay attention to their out of sync feeds if they can't see the date. Good call, Instagram.

The A/B test results that Instagram unveiled say that users the feature was tested on were reasonably happy.

People are liking photos more, commenting more and generally engaging with the community in a more active way.

However, there's a simple solution and it begs to be included.

You're right - it's the ability to sort the feed according to your preferences, like you can do on Facebook. Fingers crossed that we see it sooner rather than later, a sign that Instagram actually cares about the users.

What's your take on this new feed approach? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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