Instagram Starts Supporting Multiple Accounts

Instagram Starts Supporting Multiple Accounts on Freepps Top Blog

One of the most uncomfortable things about the official Instagram app was an impossibility to work with several accounts simultaneously. Of course, you could any time log out and then back in under a new login, but isn’t there a way to save these moves? It would be much easier to select a page when you send the photo out.

And finally, this day comes. As the independent Latergramme blog reports, some users have received an update that finally solves this long-time problem. OK, now when sending your photos out you can select if it will appear on your private page, in some of your work accounts, or in a special account you have created for your baby or even a pet.

The switching process looks as easy as can be. So, SMM managers, young parents, group administrators and creative people with any public activity will certainly enjoy this feature and make maximum use of it.

If you don’t mess it up, the accounts you have activated will not interfere with each other in any way. And when someone likes your photo or leaves a comment, the notification will indicate the account.

The iPhone users can feel privileged again, for the first time since Instagram has become available on Android devices.

Again, the iPhone users can feel privileged, for the first time since Instagram has become available on Android devices. There’s even more to that: the update rolls out gradually, so the first users to receive it are the lucky ones even among iPhone owners.

But maybe they wouldn’t feel like chosen ones if they knew that Android has unofficially received this feature back in November 2015. There had been unofficial mods made by enthusiastic developers even earlier, like Alex0047’s Clone Mod for another account, but you were limited to one account for an app instance. Besides, you had to download an .APK file and install it manually, and no one could guarantee compatibility.

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The official Instagram beta is also available only for a small group of testers, but it’s up to you to join the group and receive a link to this beta. It requires from you nothing but a will to click a link. So far there are about 33 thousand people in this group and all you need to join it is a Google account connected with your Android device.

iPhone users, unfortunately, will depend on developers’ good will, so if you haven’t received the update, your time hasn’t come yet. The official Instagram page hasn’t announced this update yet, so multiple accounts may still be in beta phase.

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