Instagram to Add Multiple Account Support, Bypass iOS

Instagram to Add Multiple Account Support, Bypass iOS on Freepps Top Blog

Instagram, the app that makes you feel a little jealous because your friends are living a life that's way more exciting than yours (spoiler: it's not, actually), is about to add multiple account support for Android so you can keep your alter ego happy.

The feature is so far limited to a few users participating in app's beta-testing program, with little information revealed outside of this. 

First reported about on Twitter by @fro_rogue, the feature lets users add several accounts through the main menu settings. When you add extra accounts, you can switch between them without logging out, as well as browse several photo feeds interchangeably.

It's impossible to tell if the feature will move past its beta status. Industry analysts tend to think that this feature will be further tested on Android, and if successful it will roll out for iOS.

While there are many users who own more than one account and zero official options to maintain them, some have resorted to using outside apps to manage their profiles. In light of the recent embarrassment with InstaAgent, Instagram have changed their policy towards third-party apps with most of them getting axed in 2016. Such drift might be another reason to unveil multiple account support sometime around June 2016.

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    5 years ago
    This is my favorite app! You can make beautiful photos and publish without a professional camera! Love it!
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    6 years ago
    That's exactly what I was dreaming about! AWESOME! I'm going to tell all my friends about this!
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