Instagram Unveils Business Accounts

Instagram Unveils Business Accounts on Freepps Top Blog

It seems like the rumors were true after all: business profiles are about to make their way on Instagram.

If your account gets the coveted blue tick - or whatever verification may look like for business accounts, you'll be able to use various tools to measure user engagement and promote your posts. 

With Insights, one of these tools, you can see your followers and the performance of your posts to determine which time of the day is prime for posting your juicy pictures.

Instagram for Business

The other tool somewhat bluntly called Promote, speaks for itself. by using it, you can pick the target audience that will see the promoted post, or leave it at Instagram's judgment. Time limits and call to action buttons are also on board.

This update brings little wow factor and it's actually quite overdue. 

Today, there are several hundred thousand companies using Instagram to get their business in the limelight. Obviously, Facebook wasn't too open to losing a chance to monetize on this.

Instagram introducing Insights

The owner's presence is evident all over the tools package, as they look nearly identical to Facebook's page insights, used to measure reach and impressions among other stats.

It's safe to assume that Facebook thinks their business users will use both services to reach out to their customers.

The first countries to get an opportunity for businesses to reach their customers on Instagram are the US, Australia and New Zealand, with the rest of the world set to join them by late 2016.

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