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One of the greatest things about the wave of popularity superheroes are currently experiencing is the fact that we get to see these characters come to life. Thanks to giant breakthroughs in filmmaking and the steady financial support of moviegoers, movie studios are bringing all of our favorite heroes to the big screen and beyond. 

The people behind the current Batman v Superman film have teamed up with Google Maps to bring to the fans and anyone interested an unprecedented look inside the adobe of one of the most beloved of superheroes – the Dark Knight himself.

Google Bats

The tour Google Maps offer may not be the first look inside the Batcave in history, since there is a multitude of films, cartoons, and comics depicting Batman in his lair, but this is the first real insight into the Bat’s workstation in the new movie universe DC is building. 


If you’ve kept up with the Christopher Nolan Batman film trilogy of the last decade, you’ve seen a realistic take on the hero, whose gadgets are mostly limited to suit enhancements and various transportation tech, from cars to motorcycles to planes. 

However, the new Batman you can see in theaters is much more powerful, pulling off superhuman feats of strength, and much more reliant on weapons and gadgetry, some of which you can see in the Batcave.

Straightforward yet intriguing visuals

The Batcave may not be a labyrinth of rooms and corridors, but it is still impressive. After you click on a special link provided by Google Maps, you will be taken to the Bruce Wayne residence. 

The living room may not boast much other than a good view of the surrounding scenery, but what is more important is the tunnel it is connected to, which leads to the notorious Batcave. This is a well-crafted set of platforms and staircases leading to different stations. 

Obviously, the main attraction will be the Batmobile. Every new version of Batman has introduced its own take on the legendary car, and the one you can see with Google Maps does not fail to impress. 

There are plenty of other things to see here, as long as you master the controls. Clicking in the wrong place can leave you zooming forward much further than what you were aiming for, or looking at a blank wall. 

However, if you put some effort into it, you can see all of the Batman’s stuff like:

  • computers;
  • training utilities;
  • weapons cache;
  • weapons development lab and more.

For the casual fan, a quick look at the additions should be more than enough, but hardcore enthusiasts and comic book geeks will surely enjoy taking in every crevice of this iconic location. 

All of this is brought to us for free by Google Maps. You can get the app using the links below.

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