iOS Apps & Games Gone Free: May Day!

iOS Apps & Games Gone Free: May Day! on Freepps Top Blog

As the spring almost makes us want to hit the beach at Coney Island, it’s time to have some fun. No productivity apps today, we’re all about gaming and creativity. We have selected three iOS games that have gone free for time indefinite, but still hurry up to enjoy them before the offer suddenly expires.

Instaflash Pro

 Photo of foodPhoto of pet

Aren’t you feeling tired of those filter-based editors? If your answer is negative and you would like to have yet another filter set for enhancing your Instagram experience, than InstaFlash is another flashing chance for you.

And this editor is much richer than Instagram's or Facebook's built-in one. It has depth-simulating and tilt-shifting lenses correcting the original image, shadows, highlights, and denoise functions to turn bugs into features.

HDR simulation requires just a simple picture. Due to selective algorithms, its different parts are processed separately with a natural HDR effect. Instaflash also allows you to create presets with manual adjustments and apply them with one tap later.

The app looks intuitive, so install it first and then dive into its richness. While the first three apps have probably gone free for time unlimited, Instaflash Pro offer expires in May, so hurry up to get it.

Nightmares from the Deep™

Find the solution

Quests are the kind of games hard to make, hard to go through once and completely uninteresting to replay, so we usually think twice before purchasing even the most attractive quest game. But Nightmares from the Deep for free is the kind of offer we can’t refuse.

Your character is a museum owner whose daughter is stolen by an immortal pirate. Now instead of unanimated artifacts, you’ll have to deal with an ancient curse over the pirate and his love he wants to resurrect at the cost of your daughter’s life. Is there a way out that would suit all of us?

The app is beautifully drawn and not as static as we think of mobile quests. The designers did their best to make the dark mystic story shine with sea phosphor and mystic candles. It’s the kind of game to dive into in the night, with your lights off and headphones on.

Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble

Robbery quest

Today's adventure games have grown up to hundreds of megabytes, but the best of them still keep that 80’s spirit of the first arcades driving players crazy. Robbery Bob is one of them. Your character has to go through various traps to get away with the treasures to steal. You're equipped with tons of gadgets like James Bond was in his better times, and there's a lot of fun in using them right. The app is stuffed with humorous adventures connected with a thrilling plot.

Though the game is made in good old 2D, the graphics are stunning like an elaborate cartoon art. It's especially great if you use a later generation iPad with Retina display. The Robbery Bob series looks modern but reminds us of that Golden Era magic.

Have you tried these awesome apps already? Share your experience in t he comments below!

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