iOS Apps Gone Free, May 11th: It’s All About Music

iOS Apps Gone Free, May 11th: It’s All About Music on Freepps Top Blog

The spring is the time to sing and PR. Both things require a good musical background if you intend to make music. 

Today’s collection of free apps is all about music. We have professional synths and drum machines as well as games for children eager to step into the world of music.

Turquoise DS

As serious as a music app can be

What is your portable music device for? Need a beat to have a rap battle to? Want to make a demo for your new song quickly? Just explore new sounds and harmonies? 

Turquoise DS is equally good for all these purposes.

The app is described as a drum pad-like combination of 9 synthesizers with its own built-in sequencer, so you can play it in real time and create both complicated loops and long structured songs. 

You have access to a lot of presets and to synths allowing to create your own sounds. 

Things you can edit include 

  • waveforms
  • frequencies
  • length and tone
  • attack and decay
  • cutoff and filter
  • other parameters of sounds you design. 

When you're done editing, you can use the pieces in your songs.

The app seems too pro for a mobile app, but it’s quite easy to use if you have a pro musician’s ambition.

Toca Band

Toca Band in your iPad

Toca Boca is a well-known developer of games for small children, both entertaining and educating. The Toca Band is a toy rock band that works as a constructor game. 

You can add or remove musicians that look like unearthly creatures, select the instruments you like to play, the vocalists you like to hear, and the loops you like to use.

It’s not a game to play and win, it’s rather an advanced digital toy Toca Boca specializes in. You can explore music together, add or remove tracks by dragging musicians to the stage, listen and learn. 

The kids from 2 up to 9 years old can explore this game on different levels.

Usually, the app is paid but it contains no ads and no in-app purchases. The developers didn’t change the way the game is distributed; they just have made it free for some time.


Maestria for your mind and for your ears

Not that it's strictly a musical app, but your sense of melody and harmony will be of great use to you. It’s a puzzle game where you need to solve some riddles. 

Your task is to ring the little bells in the right sequence so they play a beautiful melody. 

Of course, there are other round ways to win in this game, but if you try to hear the music and act to it, your chances are way better.

Maestria is beautifully drawn and equally interesting for all ages. 160 levels will be enough to satisfy your sense of beauty and to bring you tons of fun.
All the apps and games reviewed have been checked as available for free on Wednesday, May 11th, But we can’t guarantee they won’t get paid again any time after. 

So if you like what you have read, be quick to install them.

Already downloaded these apps? Share your experience in the comments!

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